the time mom came to visit

My mom came to visit y'll . Finally someone came to visit me. I'm so corny but it felt really good to have my two worlds connect. I can't even explain or make it make sense to you but it felt like I became whole. Weird huh? My old life and my new life merging to erase that disconnect I sometimes feel being away from home in New York. My life here in Abu Dhabi is real and someone got to see it.
It was so awesome to have her fly all the way over to come see me. Mom isn't a big fan of flying and a 12-13 hour plane ride is not fun.

She was here for 2 weeks and it wasn't long enough. The days literally flew by. Don't you hate when that happens?

I had fun chauffeuring her around and going to some of my favorite places. It was her first time being in a car with me behind the wheels. If she was nervous she did a great job of hiding it. lol
Of course there was a lot of catching up to be done. Although we talk several times a week by phone, it's different when you actually have the person right there with you and the conversations are just better.

We had a blast and it was just good to have my mom around even for such a short time.

It's such a blessing that she could have this experience. Neither of us ever imagined that we would be traveling and going to places that some people can only dream of going to.

We are both very excited for more trips and adventures in the future.

mom's gold flecked cappuccino from Emirates Palace. She really loved it there. 

Valentine's brunch with my mommy and bestie. they were the perfect dates

enjoying her lobster at the Yas hotel

these two hit it off quite well. so happy they got to meet each other

hanging out at Miracle Garden in Dubai

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