travel plans revealed

Hey lovelies,
Spring Break is a week away and I am itching with anticipation.

I was chatting with my friend from work about needing to get away for a bit and she said "let's go somewhere together."
With her impending return to her home country at the end of the school year, this would be our only opportunity for the girls trip we had casually chatted about but never actually planned.
Where to was the big question. We needed cheap but fun, also somewhere neither of us had been before. Somewhere in Asia was our best bet.
When she threw out Nepal I thought "why not? "
I had never thought of Nepal as I place I'd like to visit but, as I've said many a times I am always open to trying new things and going almost anywhere.

It took us less than an hour to have our flights and hotels booked. We decided on  visiting Kathmandu, Pokhara and Bhaktapur. These three cities seem to have all the best that Nepal has to offer. We'll get a chance to experience the rich culture, the beautiful landscape and the history of the country by stopping in these cities.

 I am really excited to not only travel to this amazingly interesting country but that I get to share the experience with my lovely friend.
It will be bitter sweet.