Weekly Wishes # 14

Yay, it's March. The best month ever!!!
Something very special is happening this month. Can you take a guess?
My birthday, duh!
I'll be all of 31. Seems hard to believe, feels like I just turned 20 yesterday.

I've got big plans for March, can't let the transition into a new chapter of my life go by without leaving an indelible mark.
March Goals
  • Complete Whole30 without  cheats.
  • Read 3 books.
  • Reduce spending and save some money by sticking to my meal plans and not over buying groceries. 
  • Learn the basics of Photoshop and edit my best photos.
  • Delete all the useless photos from my computer. 
  • Try a new recipe each week. I want to continue to be excited about Paleo and the best way to do so is to mix things up. I don't want to get stuck in a food rut.
  • Be patient with myself.  I will not be at my ideal weight in a month, I have to keep working at it every day. Change takes time. I will not accomplish everything I want overnight and I have to learn to be ok with that.

This week's goals
  • successfully complete week 2 of Whole30. 
  • work out 5 days. I usually manage to get in 4 work out days during the week but slack off on the weekend. I want to push myself to get out of bed on Saturday and actually do something either at home or in the gym. 
  • begin my free trial of Photoshop and watch tutorials on how to do basic editing.
  • Drink more water. I don't drink as much as I should,  definitely will need to be more mindful of my intake. 
By the way, Spring Break is at the end of March. 
So ready for a brain break.

Link up over at The Nectar Collective to check other what other people have planned for their lives this week and for the month. 



  1. Because of school it takes me so long to get through a book now! Good luck on your goals :)

  2. Over buying groceries is my worst budgeting habit! I'm terrible with it. I know I need to just keep to my shopping lists but it always seems there is something more we absolutely NEED for the week. Hmm. I'm going to work on that too. Good luck with all your goals!

  3. Yay for drinking more water! I started drinking more h2o and it has made me feel so much better!


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