weekly wishes #16

Hey lovelies,
Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

It's time for weekly wishes. Let's see how I did with my goals from last week.

Last Week's Wishes
  • take my vitamins everyday.   Did it!
  • eat before 7 p.m every evening.  Most evenings I was able to eat before 7 but old habits die hard. Going to continue to work on this. 
  • Do more squats. I was a squatting fool and I think it's working. This will be a recurring goal. 
  • Spend less time on social media. Can we say FAIL!!! Still embarrassed. 
  • Read.  I actually caught up on my reading despite not cutting down my social media time. What can I say, I'm like suoperwoman or something. 
  • Give myself a manicure. I did it but it wasn't in the least bit professional. I simply cut my nails, attempted to file them and put a few coats of clear polish on. My hands look only a little better but I'll take it. 

This Week's Wishes
  • continue squatting
  • put away of the piles of clothes slowly accumulating on the chairs around the house. 
  • keep my sanity at work. My Arabic co-teacher is out this week and I have the kids all to myself. Over 20 little kiddies to entertain for the entire school day takes it's toll. 
  • Pray and read my bible. Working on building my faith and relationship with God. 
  • Oil pull 5 days this week. This involves swishing coconut oil around in my mouth for 20 minutes to help promote healthy gums and rid my body of toxins. I'm trying to make it a regular habit. 
What are your goals for this week?


  1. You have clothes on your furniture too? I'm glad I am not the only one! Lol! I have also been oil pulling. I haven't really noticed a difference, but it's only been a week. How long have you been doing it? Good luck with this week's goals!

    1. haha, I'm glad I have company too!
      I've been oil pulling on and off for a month. I feel like my gums are healthier. I think that the sinus issues that would have me sick and incapacitated have been significantly improved. IT might have something to do with me eating paleo as well though.
      Good luck with your wishes.

    2. I am really praying for results quick on the squats! I see WAY to many pics on everything saying what squats did for them so I really hope they do the same for me! Good job on the vitamins too..I actually need to take more vitamins I think. I take my b12 everyday but I def. need more!

    3. Me too Amanda. I take pre-natal vitamins but not preggers. I hear they work for non-pregnant women too. Save me from having to take many different vitamins.

  2. Great goals. I have laundry accumulating everywhere. Need to do that too!!

  3. I have quite a few friends that are oil pulling. Hope it works out for you!

    Good luck this week!

  4. I've never heard of oil pull?! Sounds interesting. Great job on the squats. I should really add that to my list :) Good luck with your goals this week!

    1. Jennifer it is definitely worth looking into. It works wonders for your gums and if you have sinus issues, it really helps.


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