Whole30- Week 3 and a recipe

Yay, week three of Whole30 and I'm doing really well. I am over the cravings and the initial feeling of exhaustion when you overhaul your eating, is gone. I feel really good and my belly is getting flatter. 

I honestly don't know how much weight I've lost. I stopped weighing myself  a long time ago and am just going by how I look and feel. Sometimes I'll try on a  piece of clothing that couldn't fit to get a sense of my progress. 

There are some jeans in my closet that are a bit snug in the waist. At the end of the Whole30 I'll try them on again and if they fit comfortably then I'll know I was successful because they couldn't even get them past my knees the first time I audaciously tried them on in the store. 

The second time on a whim I decided to try them when I revisited the store and they totally went up and I could actually button them. 
Of course I had to get them and they're my "skinny" pants. Haven't worn them once but I will.  Just need to keep myself on track and continue to focus on my goals.

Here are some of my meals for the past week, hope something inspires you. Feel free to reach out to me if there are any recipes you'd like. 

grilled lamb chops with pineapple fried cauliflower rice

tuna cakes with homemade garlic aioli and sweet potato fries

baked sweet potato, grilled chicken and butter browned mushrooms

curry chicken, mixed veggies and fried plantain

the tuna cakes  are so yummy you won't even remember that you used canned tuna. I really just went with my instincts when making these so the measurements aren't exact but it is really simple to make. Not much room for error.

1 can tuna (make sure it's soy free)
1 egg
1/2 chopped red onion
1 tbsp coconut flour
Mrs. Dash garlic flavor seasoning (or any seasoning you like)
1 tbsp coconut oil
cilantro or parsley

Drain tuna and add egg, seasonings and chopped onion and coconut flour.
Put oil to heat and roll tuna mixture into balls and flatten.
Cook on each side for about 4-5 minutes. Allow them to really brown before flipping them. That way they will retain their shape.

For the aioli I used a tbsp of homemade paleo mayo, 1 clove garlic chopped and the juice of half a lemon. stir together and serve with tuna cakes.

Well I hope you enjoy making these. I got four decent sized cakes out of the one can of tuna. I had two meals which is pretty awesome.
It was a nice change from the usual chicken or meat.