adventures in Pokhara

Boats on Phewa Lake

We loved Pokhara. It is the perfect escape from the bustle and pollution of Kathmandu.

Such an easy chill vibe and the Phewa lake and mountains that surround this little city are nothing short of breath taking.
We wished we had stayed a bit longer since on the morning we made the 6 A.M ascent to the top of Sarangkot, the sky was very cloudy and we were not able to experience the awe-inspiring sunrise that this mountain is known for. You can see several Himalayas from this vantage point.
We were supremely disappointed but still happy to have had the opportunity so see the views of the sleeping city shrouded in clouds.

It was a hike to get to the top (still felt it a few days later) but totally worth it. Even on a cloudy day the view of the city  is spectacular.

love his little face!

seen on the way down from Sarangkot 
Pokhara was just what we needed. The air was cleaner and there were so many cute little restaurants and shops along the lakefront road. Now I see why the hippies love it here. It's easy to forget about the troubles of the real world and spend your evenings watching the sun set over the lake.

One of the best memories was finding ourselves at some random bar one night listening to a Nepali band do covers of Pink Floyd, Adele, Eagles and  Bruno Mars to name a few. There were some older Europeans attempting to dance on the little dance floor and two Indian guys who lacked not even a smidgen of rhythm but didn't care. They were dancing up a storm and having the time of their lives. Not even gonna front, it was really entertaining to watch.
A lady behind me began questioning why I wasn't dancing (I'm Black so of course I can dance....WRONG!), she finally pressured  convinced me to go and I made L go with me. We actually had a blast dancing and being silly.

Check out the rest of the pics below to see how we spend our time in Pokhara.

Shisha and sundaes at Salt and Pepper.
someone was really excited about the ice-cream.

this was so good!

I'm such a pro!

watching the sun set

heading to Barahi Temple in the middle of the lake

a visit to the temple on the lake. if you give him money he blesses you

love the color of her Sari

Tibetan jewelry maker

don't know what kind of flowers these were but they were beautiful
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Lunch at Lemon Tree