DIY Scalp Treatment

One of the things I've become obsessed with lately is making my own beauty products.
Besides being much cheaper, there are no added mystery ingredients. You know exactly what is in the products you're using.

I've been on the lookout for a good scalp treatment. I have psoriasis and it is exacerbated by harsh chemicals. Since going natural, my scalp has gotten a lot better but sometimes I have flare ups. I need something that will help to keep those flare ups at a minimum plus promote growth.

This is not an original recipe by any means, I'm sure you can google hair tonics, scalp treatments or anything hair related and find similar recipes. You can add to it and modify to suit your preference. This is my version of choice.

I've been using coconut oil for ages for everything. I use it to cook, to cleanse my face, for oil pulling and as a hair moisturizer and conditioner. It is one of the few oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft and provide moisture to dry tresses. It is great for the scalp because of the anti-bacterial properties, so say good-bye to any icky scalp issues you may have. It also helps to prevent hair loss and grows your hair (long hair anyone?).

Lemon juice is something I've been exploring in my quest to become healthier. I drink a cup of warm water  with lemon juice every morning. After doing some research I realized that lemon juice can be used on the skin and scalp so I've been incorporating it into my beauty regime as well as my diet.
As a scalp treatment it combats dry itchy scalp, promotes hair growth and cuts down on oily scalp.
Check out this great article on HuffingtonPost about the benefits of lemon juice.

If you have the same dreaded scalp issues or you just want a way to maintain a healthy scalp which leads to healthy hair, give this recipe a try.

What you'll need:
2 tablespoons lemon juice
melted organic extra virgin coconut oil  ( I use 1 tablespoon bc my hair is short)
2 drops rosemary oil
2 drops tea tree oil

Mix all ingredients together. Apply to dry hair making sure to coat hair from roots to tips.
Saturate hair and give your scalp a nice little massage to allow the oil mixture to really penetrate and promote blood circulation.
Cover  with a plastic shower cap for 30-60 minutes.
Rinse with moisturizing conditioner and apply leave-in.
Style as preferred.

I hope this helps. My hair has definitely improved. My scalp is less itchy and I rarely have any shedding or breakage.
Let me know what you think.