I did it in Kathmandu

Can you see it? Look closely cause it's tiny.

much better view

It was one of those things that had been on my mental bucket list for awhile but that I never made any real attempts to get done.
I'll admit that the reason behind the delay was simply fear.

I was afraid that it would hurt and so for maybe three or four years I kept changing my mind about getting it done.

So what made me finally do it?
Well what had happened was my friend L was going to be getting a tattoo in Kathmandu. I would be in an actual shop that did  tattoos and piercings which was the closest I'd ever be, so why not just do it? Also, it costs four bucks, yep FOUR American dollars to do it. Sign me up!!!

After doing some more research online, I was somewhat convinced that it wouldn't hurt because there are very few nerve endings in this part of the ear. Well, it can't be that bad then right?

The morning I showed up to get it done, the guy wasn't there. I figured it was fate. Great!!!! There was my "sign" to not do it.
Haha it wasn't really a sign but my fear getting in the way. I was still very scared of the possible pain. Like terrified.  So what a relief that he wasn't there, technically I wasn't being a wuss and copping out.

Well after leaving my friend to get her tattoo, I thought about this fear that was standing in my way of doing something I really wanted to do. Fear is awful and I just felt that I had to go through with it just to kick fear in the butt.
There are tons of tattoo shops around Thamel and I had noticed one several nights before along the road to dinner.

Dragon Tatoo on Thamel Road
I summoned all my courage and went up to the second floor landing where the shop was located.
Luckily the piercer was busy which gave me opportunity to chat with a girl who was waiting for her friend to finish getting her piercing. They both had their tragus pierced and she assured me that it really didn't hurt.
Finally it was my turn. I sat on the little cushioned chair as the piercer got the tools ready. I was shaking and must have looked really nervous because a girl who was in the room with her friend who was getting a tattoo, offered to hold my hand. An offer I gladly accepted.

The piercer told me to hold the needle and look at it, I guess so I would feel more comfortable. That didn't work because I HATE needles. I quickly threw handed it back to him.
I took a deep breath as he put the clamp on my ear. Still clutching this stranger's hand, eyes closed, I felt the needle pierce my ear.
Surprisingly, it really didn't hurt that much. Seriously. The pain was momentary and over before I could exhale.

It takes a while to heal, probably close to a year much like the cartilage piercing which I also have. Extreme care needs to be taken to prevent infection.
Much of the after care recommends using a sea salt solution to clean the area up to three times a day.
So far I haven't experienced any complications or pain. Praying that it stays that way.
I'm really happy with the decision to finally get it done. Yay me for sticking it to fear.