Life Lately

I know it's been a little quiet around here these days. I've been re-acclimating to work, which after a two weeks breaks is a challenge. My sleep pattern was a mess and I've been suffering for it. Unfortunately between trying to get caught up on sleep, working out and cooking, this poor little blog suffered. My apologies.

So here's what I've been up to these days

+ Working out. I've been really trying to be consistent about fitting fitness into my life so that it becomes a habit. I feel proud of the work I did last week and hope that I will continue to work hard to achieve my 15 lbs weight loss goal over the next 3 months.

+ Cooking. I never really realized how much I love cooking. I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with how much I love to eat. Since it would cost me a fortune to eat out the way I like to eat plus keep it all healthy and Paleo friendly, I've been cooking up a storm.
Steak with White Sweet Potato Fries and Paleo Mayo

+ Shopping. My lovely friend gifted me with a J. Crew gift-card for my b-day. There have been a ton of sales and I was conflicted on how to spend my money. In the end I got a couple pieces that would add nicely to my closet.
pleated Maxi skirt. Cute for summer and will transition nicely here in Abu Dhabi

cute maxidress. Love the print

That's it folks. Besides work of course, this is how I've been spending my time. Oh and catching up on The Mindy Project and New Girl. Am I the only one who loves these shows????

Ciao! Have a great weekend.