Summer Inspired

The count down to summer break is well under way in my head.
Dreaming of New York summer days. Hanging out at the park, eating outside at a cute cafe, street fairs and yummy food.
I am so excited !!!

I've been nosing around the 'net and have been collecting bits and pieces of the fashionable things that have caught my eye to store in my mental rolodex.

Summer is always the perfect time to try something new.
It would be great to give my style a little sprucing up, cause I have definitely fallen into a rut.
I used to be so stylish...sigh. Oh for those days!!
Hopefully it isn;t too late to get my fashion mojo back.

Here's what's currently on my radar.

all white everything
cute braids
fancy head scarves
berry lips courtesy of MAC Heroine

chic and easy footwear 
So that's it for my little summer list of inspiration.
What's on your list?


  1. Love the white dress and the head scarf! I don't have too many things on my must have for summer lists, but no that overalls are back in style I mosdef want some. Also I must get some cute sandals and a fluffy midi skirt. :)

    1. Overalls are cute...I love the way it's being worn these days. Not sure if I could pull it of though. I have to get cute sandals too. More things to the list.

  2. Love your Spring inspiration pics! I certainly need to get my style mojo back on...but first, my fitness mojo needs to make a U turn and bring me back to the size I used to be before my foot injury! (now THAT was a run-on sentence!)

    You have a lovely blog!!! Keep up the spring talk in NYC! I truly miss visiting the northeast! It's time to take a trip there soon too!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Appreciate the blog lovin!
      Wishing you a speedy recovery. I'm working on my fitness too so you're not alone. Hang in there!


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