Weekly Wishes #20

Last Week's Wishes

  • Read. Currently reading The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd and although I didn't finish it over the weekend I'm pretty close and should be done by this weekend. Such a good read. I definitely recommend it.  
  • Try a new recipe this week. I did! I made Salmon Cakes and they were delsih. Served them with some home-made ranch dressing and zucchini fritters.
  • Go to the pool. The evidence of my pool excursion. 

I totally accomplished all my goals last week. Wohoo!!!

This Week's Goals
  • Cut back on the dates. I tried this before and it worked now I have relapsed. I love dates, but they're full of sugar and it doesn't help when you have a huge weight loss goal you want to accomplish. 
  • Distress my own denim. Ok so I've been wanting a pair of black distressed denim for a long time but I'm cheap and refused to pay the big bucks for ripped up jeans. I found a pair for less than 15 dollars (that's my kind of price, lol!) and I'm gonna do it myself. Wish me luck. 
  • Organize my closet. Can you say "Hot Mess"? 
Well hope you have a great week. Head over to The Nectar Collective to share your weekly wishes. 



  1. Ommmmmg I loooooooove salmon cakes!!!!
    Absolutely love them!
    One of my June goals is to find time to go to the pool ERRRRRYDAY!

  2. Ugh, I should have added organize my closet onto my Weekly Wishes too! I've been meaning to do that for, I don't know.... a year? haha!
    And I love your idea of distressing your own denim - love doing fashion DIY's!

  3. Hot mess! Mine is in a mess too, not hot at all. Haha. Good luck for this week!


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