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As I was perusing my favorite website's (J. Crew) shoe selection in search of the illusive pair of black sandals for the summer, I happened upon their new collection of pumps.

I fell head over heels with the Sophia Webster for J. Crew collection. I have no idea who this Sophia Webster is, but I do know she is skilled in the art of shoe design. The collection is beautiful and just really cool.
I love shoes that are bit fun and whimsical and make a statement. The collection is just that. These shoes will get you noticed.

Here are my faves. Head over and check them out for yourself.
I'll wait until they go on sale, not sure where I would wear them to though.
My life of wearing heels seems to be over...for now anyway.

How cute are these?
I love the white ones the most. Sexy huh?


  1. I first want to say that I love your blog. It is informational and inspiring. I have a in person interview in the fall to teach in Abu Dhabi in January. You are convincing me to take this adventure.

    1. Thanks s'Aisa, it always makes me feel good to know I can inspire someone. I would say go for it. I love my experience here and even with the challenges, I would have still made the decision to come.


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