Food Lately

Curried Veggies with Shrimp and Fried Plantains

Cashew Butter Chicken Lettuce Wrap with Cucumber Slaw
Breakfast: Bacon and Spinach Omelette with Cucumber, Tomato and Asparagus

Cauliflower Mash with left-over Cashew Butter Chicken

I've been cooking up a storm lately.
At the beginning of the month I made a commitment to stick to my Whole30 clean eating plan and lose the 15 pounds I've set out to lose.

These are just a few of the dishes I've been making. Seriously folks, I don't know if my taste buds are biased but everything I cook is amazing. LOL

Also, I've been obsessed with fried plantains. I pretty much eat them every day and convince myself that since I fry them in coconut oil , they're healthy. Oh the lies we tell ourselves. I need to stop, but plantains are just so bloody delicious that I can't.

My body is loving being back on Paleo. I can honestly say I am at my best when I follow this lifestyle. I am healthy and feel awesome overall.
My belly has lost that bloated puffy look and I feel leaner. The weight will go if I continue to eat clean and work out.
Wish me luck!