Weekly Wishes #22

Only 8 weeks standing between me and my much anticipated Summer in New York.
Counting down the days until I am home with my mommy and my friends.
I've already begun setting up play dates with them and it is making me even more anxious to be home.
I must have patience, this is what I try to remind myself everyday.

Last Week's Goals
  • Organize my closet. Let's try this again. check!
  • Replace breakfast with a green smoothie everyday this week. check!
  • work out 5 times and check!!
I am so pleased with myself. Last week was a much better week goal wise and I feel accomplished. Go me!

Even go up and worked out Saturday morning. 

Ok so let's get into my goals for this week. 

  • workout on Saturday
  • don't go to the grocery store until the end of the week. I want to use everything that I already have in stock and if I don't have it, I will improvise. 
  • write 3 articles for the website I write for. I've been slacking on this. The strange thing is that I get paid for these articles so you would think that I'd be cranking them out.
Anyway that's all folks. 

Wishing you a productive and successful week!
Link up over on The Nectar Collective to share your goals and aspirations. 


  1. Great you had a good week, am so with you on using stuff in fridge before buying new ones. I was just saying the same thing this morning to the hubby, great list. I need to take a trip to New York, they have the best road truck food.

    1. Oh I am looking forward to the food trucks. You should definitely go, it's so awesome in the summer.

  2. Great goals this week! The funny about being creative or in your case writing, you can just never force it to come. It has to come on its own.

    I too have that problem of going to the grocery without using up what I have first. Sounds like a fun challenge to use up everything. I bet some pretty awesome meals would come out of just using what you have.

    Have a great week! :)

  3. Awesome job on your goals last week!


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