Weekly Wishes #23

Hey loves,
I can't believe it's almost Wednesday already.
The weekend is just around the corner and I'm happy because we have an extra day. No work on Sunday!!! Wohooo!!
I have nothing planned but the fact that I get to sleep in for one more day is just awesome.
Here are my goals for the past week and those for this week.

Last Week's Wishes
  • workout on Saturday I just couldn't make myself get out of bed to workout. Aiming for this Saturday. 
  • don't go to the grocery store until the end of the week.  This was hard but I did it. 
  • write 3 articles for the website I write for.  I started 3 and got 2 completed and sent in. Not bad. I'm pretty satisfied. 

This Week's Wishes
  • Get through the week without breaking down and eating  plantains or dates. Oh God help me!
  • Read. I have a book I need to finish. I better get to it.
  • Drink a cup of lemon water every morning. There are so many benefits to drinking lemon water. Read about them here. So amazing!
  • Sleep or just lay in bed and do nothing. 

What are your goals?
Hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. Congrats on finishing two of your three articles! That's something to be proud of. Good luck on your goals for this week. Reading is on my list too.

  2. Oh what I would do just to lay down and do absolutely nothing! And I never knew the benefits of drinking lemonade water... this is something I definitely have to try ! Hope you get through your wishes this week!

  3. These are great wishes! I am trying to get in the habit of drinking ACV tonic every morning.

  4. I hope you get some sleeping or laying done! Sometimes even though we are not sleepy, it's good to relax the body and rest it. Good luck!


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