Reggae Party in Abu Dhabi???

Strange and amazing right?
I was so happy when I saw the flyer for this event. There were always parties like this but all the way in Dubai. thanks. The drive is too much and nobody I know would want to go all that way. 
In Abu Dhabi, sure. Absolutely I would go. The fact that the venue was the hotel within walking distance from my house was enough to convince me to go. 
Man am I glad I went. I had such a blast. Th DJS were really good and one sounded straight from yaad (patois for yard, that's how we refer to Jamaica). He was a really great DJ who knew how to keep the party going.
It was a nice mix of old school Reggae and Dancehall music. I mean not just Bob Marley but a host of other Jamaican Reggae artistes; this dude knew what he was doing. 
It felt like a legit Reggae party. People were dancing and having such a great time, but to be honest that's a given when you go to a Reggae party. The music just gets you and you can't help but dance. That's how we do it in Jamaica.  
Hahaha, the only thing missing was Red Stripe Beer but hey, you can't have everything.

Here are some pics from the party.  
It was hot and I was sweating. My poor make-up! 
The bar was open roof and despite planting myself near the portable AC unit I still managed to work up a shine but it was totally worth it.