Summer Romper

Summer Romper

Summer Romper by leela-hamilton featuring Lipsy

Seriously, how cute is this romper?
I'll be going to Jamaica in August and this would be the perfect item to have for my trip. 

Lately I've been really keen on rompers. Now that I'm losing weight I feel that it's something I could add to my closet. Would just have to find the right fit. 
Something like this would really work though. I have a short torso and the belted waist would help to show that I actually have a waist line.  It would also conceal my little donut belly while showing off my gams which if I do say so myself, aren't too shabby. Yay for leg days at the gym!!!

I'm gonna be on the hunt for something similar. 
Keep and eye out there for me all you fashionistas and let a sister know if you spot a romper like this one.

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