Weekend Re-cap

I know it's already Tuesday and the weekend is well over but I wanted to do a quick recap of some of the fun things I did.
I was super busy and was hardly in my house which is good because there are weekends when I spend far too much time on my couch. It's good to get out and socialize.

On Friday I went to a photography class which was a great review of the basics of using a DSLR camera and learning some of the technical language. I learned a few new things about lighting and exposure, and got a chance to practice taking shots of artwork using a tripod. For some reason shooting on a tripod seemed so challenging but getting to practice made me realize it's not so bad. It definitely helps to get better quality pictures because it eliminates camera shake. Guess I should take my tripod out of the closet and start using it huh?
The hardest part is uploading and editing the pictures. Hopefully soon I can get it done and be able to share a few of the images with you guys.

Later that night I went to a poetry slam. Such a cool experience and I got a chance to witness some very talented folks. Made me miss my writing days. I fancied myself a poet back in the day but for some reason I just stopped writing. Maybe one day the inspiration will come back to me and I'll get past the drought in my brain.

On Saturday I went to my first Emerati/Arabic wedding, something that had been on my mental bucket list for awhile. My coworker's brother  was getting married and she invited the entire staff. That's how it works around these parts, you can literally invite/bring anyone you want with you to a wedding. There is always more than enough food for an army and no need to RSVP and all that formal jazz.
These weddings are such opulent and interesting affairs. The men and women are separated on the wedding day for the reception. The women do their thing and the men do theirs. I have to clue as to how the actual marriage ceremony goes but I assume at some point there is the signing of some paperwork to seal the deal.
When you get to the reception there are only women, beautifully dressed and made up. Picture the Miss Universe competition, but only it's a wedding. Over the top fabulous.
There is tons of food being passed around as well as perfume. Ladies walk around with huge bottles of perfume for you to put on. I guess you have to stay smelling sweet.
You eat, you talk and depending on the family there may be dancing.
A few hours later the bride arrives and proceeds down the aisle which takes probably 15 minutes. Photos are taken, maybe some dancing and congratulations. Sometimes the groom will come with his father and brothers for a little. This doesn't happen at all weddings, and depends upon the family. Definitely different from western weddings.
This wedding was a bit subdued according my friend who had been to a few. There wasn't too much dancing going on.
Here are a few pictures from the night. I tried to get as dolled up as possible. The more make-up you can get on your face the better. Here more is more.

my friends from work
 Hopefully the next few weekends will be equally as fun.