Weekly Wishes #28

Hey lovelies,
Happy July! I am a little late since we're already a week in but hey, better late than never.
So as I type this post I am practically jumping out of my skin because I'll be back in NY in exactly one week from today. All I have to do is get through the next 3 days of work and I'll be super happy.
Not much going on at work, we sit around and talk or watch movies. Yeah, it's been really rough having to go in for that.

Can I just complain for a minute?
The weather here is off the chain hot. Like next door to hell hot. Throw in the fact that it's Ramadan which means no eating or drinking in public and well you can imagine that it's not ideal. Sometimes I get so thirsty y'all. Hahaha, what's weird is that it seems my thirst has intensified since Ramadan began. It's especially awful when I'm driving home from work. Suddenly it feels like the desert is in my mouth. It's rough out here for a sister.

Ok, enough of that. Let's get into my goals for this week.
They are plentiful. I have a laundry list of chores that need to be done before I head out. Definitely don't want to come back to a junkyard in August.

This Week's Goals

  • Vacuum the entire house
  • Wash and put away laundry
  • Dust
  • Wash the bathrooms
  • Pack

Aright folks, I wish you much success with your goals this week. Send some words of encouragement that I maintain my sanity this week. The craving for home is something fierce.
Join the party over at The Nectar Collective.


  1. ...hang in tight, you will be soon be home. Are you for real of Ramadan? see l had no idea of no eating or drinking in public, I think ..just learnt something new. Wishing you a safe trip back to New York and lots of fun as well.

  2. Good Luck with Ramadan! Hope it gets easier for you. Also have a blast in NY! I am so jealous (I have never been). Wish you lots of success in your goals this week!


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