A Dozen Tales That Swept Me Away

Hey lovelies,

One of my favorite things in the world to do is read. It's just so exciting!!!
Nerd much?
I never understand when people tell me that reading is boring. I just don't get it.

Needless to say I have read thousands of books. Many have shad a lasting impression on me. Some because they've made me laugh and others becasue they've made me cry.

So I borrowed this idea from Endless Bliss. It inspired me to share my list of most influential/ treasured/beloved books.

Here are some of my favorite books. I'm going to whittle it down to just a few. Let me just say, this is super hard. These are just the ones that come most immediately to mind.

1. Invisible Man- Ralph Ellison
I read this book many years ago but it left such an indelible mark on me. I love the language and how Ralph Ellison managed to capture the human experience with such skill. It's such a sad story but an excellent read.

2. Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte
I love this story. I love all the twists and turns of their tragic love. I may have read this story several times. One of my all time faves. 

3. A Confederacy of Dunces- John Kennedy Toole
Complete hilarity. I laughed myself silly and I always recommend this to anyone who asks what they should read. GET IT!

4. Island of the Blue Dolphins- Scott O'dell
This is one of my favorite childhood books. Loved it and it will definitely be on the shelves in my home for my kids.

5. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings- Maya Angelou
It's Maya Angelou, that's all I'm saying.

6. Me Talk Pretty One Day- David Sedaris
I love anything by this man. He is clever, funny and talented.

7. Interpreter of Maladies- Jhumpa Lahiri
Beautifully written. She is such a skillful writer and I am smitten.

8. The Secret Garden- Frances Hodgson Burnette
Another childhood fave. I remember hiding under a table and reading this when I was about 10. 

9. The Fault in Our Stars- John Green
A newbie but a fave already. I also saw the movie and it was one of the rare occasions that I think the movie captured the essence of the book. This made me bawl my eyes out. 

10. A Princess of Mars- Edgar Rice Burroughs
This was a huge step outside of what I typically go for being all science fictiony but I really enjoyed it, maybe becasue it was a love story. Couldn't put it down.

11. Shane- Jack Shaefer
My mom introduced me to this book when I was about 12 years. She was an English teacher and loved it. I read it and fell in love as well. Who doesn't love a cowboy?

12. The Year of Magical Thinking- Joan Didion
This made me bawl. Such honesty and beauty in her prose. 

+1 First Comes Love- Marion Winik
This is the ultimate love story. Raw and honest, it has stuck with me for over a decade. 

There are so many more books I could have put but I would be here all day composing this list and you would be reading it all day. Ain't nobody got time for that. 
I would love to hear your faves as well. I'm alwasy on the look out for new reads.