Weekly Wishes #32

Hey lovelies, 
Happy Labor Day! Hope you are enjoying your day off. I say this with a mixture of envy and happiness for you who are in America. 

The kiddies have come! Man I am mentally exhausted. I forgot how frustrating and difficult these early days of Kindergarten 1 are (these are pre-school aged children). They're such babies and to make it even more challenging we don't speak the same language. I am praying for God to help me to display patience. Pray for me or send me positive vibes. I need it.
I already had a pooper and a raspberry blower. It's only day 2 people.  I know eventually we will all love each other but it definitely takes some time. I will have to remember how awesome my kids were when we parted and that I felt this same way at the beginning of my journey with them.

Ok so let's see how I am doing with my goals for this year. This is a progress report on the 3 main goals I had set for 2014.

  • Living a 95% Paleo lifestyle. I was doing an awesome job with this until I went home to NY for the summer. Now I'm back I've gone back to trying to live this goal out. I want it to be a complete lifestyle so much so that I can maintain it even on vacations. 
  •  Travel solo. Haven't done this yet. The idea still scares me a little. I am planning on making my December break trip a solo trip. Not sure yet where to go. I was thinking back to Asia somewhere. Any suggestions???
  • Having a more positive attitude and spirit. Still a long way from where I would like to be. It's super hard but by building my faith and relationship with God I know I will get to a much better place. 

Alright my loves, lemme see what you working with. Head over to Melyssa's blog and share your progress.