Weekly Wishes # 34

Hey lovelies,
I hope your week has been exciting and amazing thus far.
All is well over here in my world for the most part.
I am feeling a little ill and I'm not sure if it's legit illness or my sinuses acting ridiculous.
I wouldn't be surprised if I caught something from my kids. They are so gross! Snot everywhere and they just cough and sneeze without covering. I sometimes yell at them to cover and of course they have no clue what I'm saying, lol. I make the most grossed out face I can to shame them but that doesn't work either, they just think I'm being funny for their entertainment. God help me!

Anywho, check out my awesomeness from last week.

  • I need to get back in the gym.  I am so proud of myself. I went 6 times last week. I also started running using the C25K marathon training app. 
  • Get back into creating and using my meals plans. You know what they say.  I have no used the meal plan but I have been really good with my eating. 
  • Laundry.  Didn't happen. UGH! 
  • Clean the floors.  Yay, done. Nice clean floors,you could eat stuff that's fallen on the floors over here, I do it all the time. 

This week's goals.
  • Continue with the running program. It's 3 days a week and if I can get those days in as well as some additional weigh training I should definitely be well on my way to a fitter and healthier me.
  • Laundry. Here we go again. You would think that I have to drag my laundry to a laundry mat like I had to when I lived in NY. Not the case, I  have a washer in my apartment. I just can manage to load it. This week is the week I'll make it happen.
That's it folks, short and sweet. 

Head over to The Nectar Collective to link up and set some goasl for yourself. 


  1. Don't give up on gym! I'm just a person from Internet, but trust me I'm proud of you that you are improving yourself!


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