Life Lately

Hi lovelies,
How you doing? (Wendy Williams voice).
Goodness, I haven't posted in what feels like forever.
I wish that I could tell you that I have been super busy and productive accomplishing my life goals which kept me from blogging.
Truth is I was sick for a bit and during my bout of illness I was laid up on my couch at which time I discovered the tv show White Collar. I became ridiculously enamored with this show and spent the past few weeks watching every single episode. Sadly I neglected many things including my dear blog.

Thankfully the show ended becasue I am convinced that I would have become a laid-out on the couch, tv watching, chips eating recluse. Well maybe not completely since I still had to go to work.

Anyway, so here I am back to the real world.
It's Eid (Islamic holiday) here and we got a few days off from work.
I wanted to get out of town but we only got two days off and it wasn't enough time for me to justify spending a lot of money to go somewhere far and exotic.
Luckily my friend who was having the same dilemma suggested we drive to Oman to visit his friend who had just moved there.

We literally threw a bunch of stuff in our bags, hopped in my car and off to Muscat we were.

Even though we were only there for a couple nights, I had a great time. Loads of laughing and a beach barbecue made the trip so much fun.
Thank God for these little opportunities to enjoy life.


Chat soon.