check this out

Hey lovelies,
I came across this great post by Dan over at Single Dad Laughing. It's essentially marriage advice or how to not blow your marriage if you're already in one.
Even though I am not married yet or close to it, I always like to keep myself educated and knowledgable.

There are 2 parts to his list entitled 16 Ways I Blew My Marriage.
He basically tells all the things he did wrong in his marriages, yes 2 of them (so he must be an expert) and what he would have done differently.
There is some really great advice, my favorite being  "I wouldn't poop with the door open." Ummm hellooo, doesn't everyone know just how unattractive this is. Who wants to subject someone to the torture of having to see your poop face!?? That is  SURE way to cause any relationship to disintegrate, lol. On a serious note though he makes a really good point and it's not as simplified as I've made it sound.
Seriously, go check it out. He's a great writer and really funny.