Weekly Wishes #35 + November Goals

this is my student who follows me around and hangs off my skirt every day. 

Hi lovelies,
Happy November!
Can you believe it's almost the end of 2014. Good Lord, where did the time go?

I haven't posted weekly wishes in a long time but with the start of this new month I want to get back into setting goals for myself. My life feels so much more ordered when I have things that I am working on/towards.

Weekly Goals

  • Gym x 3 this week
  • do laundry. 
  • mop the floors and vacuum
  • clean the chipped polish off my toes, they look a hot mess

November Goals
  • No credit card spending
  • Finalize my travel plans 
  • get passport pics taken for trip
  • have fun and do something interesting
Wishing you guys a wonderful week. 


  1. Everything on your list is EXACTLY everything I need to do as well. So sad... lol. I am going to get those things crossed off, too!
    Good luck :)

  2. where are you going? :) i feel the same exact way. i'm trying my best not to stress out that the year is almost over and i haven't gotten everything done that i've wanted to. hope you have a great week and good luck on your goals this week & month!

    1. Esther I'm heading to Vietnam in December. Don't worry about all the things you haven't done yet, there is always next year!


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