Friday Confessional #2

Hi lovelies,
I'm procrastinating.
I should be washing dishes (my kitchen is a HOT mess and a half) and re-packing (because I kinda just threw random items of clothing in my suitcase and now I'm worried that I'm going to look homeless) but instead I'm sitting here obviously writing this blog post and reading other blogs.

Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving for Vietnam. Everyone keeps saying how brave I am for going alone. That's making me nervous, lol.
I mean, it's not like I'm going to some remote land where I have to hunt and gather my own food while trying to fend off predators and sleep in caves.

I'll be going to a big bustling city, where food is available on every corner. I even splurged on hotels this time around. And by splurge I mean I'm paying 25 bucks a night for a room with free wifi AND breakfast.
Hello lavish living!!!

I guess the idea of going to a foreign land alone is daunting for most people but for someone who has packed up her life and moved to a foreign country with no family or friends and survived for almost 3 years, a ten day trip is cupcake.

My plan is to smile a lot and pray that some nice people will take pity on me and invite me to eat with them. It worked when I was in Thailand and I made some lovely friends who I still keep in contact with almost a year later.
Plus, many solo travelers say that you make more friends when you travel alone because you seem less intimidating.
We shall see.

The next time I chat with you folks, I should be in Vietnam. My first stop is Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City.
Till we meet again!