Friday Confessional #3

Hey lovelies, 
Happy Friday!!! And a belated Merry Christmas to those who celebrate.
I have just a few more days left on my Vietnam adventure. Booooooo (insert sad face).

Another Christmas has come and gone folks. This is my third one away from home. 
As fun as it is to travel, I really missed being with my mom for the holiday. The only good thing about being in Asia is that Christmas here is pretty much like any other day so I wasn't terribly over come with emotion about not being around family and doing all the Christmassy things. 
Since I wasn't going to be home for a traditional Christmas feast, I signed up for a food tour through 
I had the same tour guide from another tour I did a few days ago. Thank God, because all the other people who showed up for the tour were couples. ***eye roll. 
Two couples were friends already so they pretty much had their own thing going on. The 3rd couple was more open to conversation and less clingy to each other. 
They were all friendly enough but I didn't make a connection with anyone in the group. 
The tour guide and I chatted most of the time. 

I enjoyed the tour overall though mainly because I love to eat, therefore I love a food tour. We did a lot of walking. It was supposed to last two and a half hours but ended four and a half hours later. That was good  because it gave us a chance to walk off the meals we had eaten and get a little history of Hanoi while we were at it. 
The food was good, we tried things I would have never known to eat because all the signs are in Vietnamese and unless you see someone eating it, you have no clue it exists much less get it. 

This dish was a type of steamed pancake wrap with minced pork topped with dried shallots and shrimp. You're supposed to dip it in the sauce and take little bites of the piece of roasted pork at the same time. It was really good and of course I would never know to get this. I don't even remember the name of it.

Later we stopped at this B-B-Q place. This was a bit easier to navigate since all the meat was on display and you could pick what you wanted to eat. There was every kind of meat and seafood you could think of and imagine including frog. We didn't sample the frog which was okay with me. We had pork, beef and chicken. This was also really good, who doesn't love a good bbq? 

Here's the group. Don't I stick out like a sore thumb? Lol

For dessert we stopped at a hip little spot where all the teenagers hang out, this was what the tour guide told us anyway. Lol, we were the crypt keepers especially me since I was the oldest at the ripe old age of thirty-one. 

It was mixed fruit salad in coconut and condensed milk. You top it with two tablespoons of crushed ice and voila you're ready to go. Yum! 
The American couples were afraid to eat it since they had read that you should avoid eating fruit and ice in Vietnam. and the other couple  gobbled it down and I'm fine. No dheli- belly here. I may have a stomach lined with titanium though.
My philosophy is wherever there's a crowd that's where I'll eat. The food doesn't sit for long and is usually freshly prepared.

We ended the tour at Ca Phe Pho Co located on Hang Gai street. It's really well known for its egg coffee and view of the lake. I wasn't impressed by their coffee but the view at nights is great. It's one of those places you have to go when you visit the Old Quarter in Hanoi.

Not a bad day, I reckon there are worst ways to have spent the day.