Weekly Wishes #39

Alhamdulillah lovlies,
My mini staycation has begun!
The ol' brain has been on vacation since last week, so I'm happy that time finally caught up.
Bwt, happy December!
Twenty Fifteen is right around the corner y'll.  Has anyone started goal planning yet?
Where the heck has time gone off to? I was not prepared for how quickly things have escalated.

Last Week's Goals
  • Rest. Failed again. Going to have to really work on this. 
  • Put away the laundry. Still sharing my bed with the clothes. At least they don't snore 
  • Read. this didn't happen either. Sad :( 
  • Pedicure. Finally!!! and my feet rejoiceth. 

This week's Goals
  • spend some alone time being reflective and refocusing on self. I've been spending way too much time on social media and while it can be fun and distracting, I've realized that I've gotten way too caught up in other peoples' (staged) realities. I've begun to compare my hair and body and life to what I see on instagram and as Theodore Roosevelt once said "comparison is the thief of joy". I want to spend this week nurturing me and finding contentment in all God has blessed me with. 
  • Read. I bought 3 new kindle books and I'm excited to spend some time relaxing and reading. I may even go by the pool or to the beach. 
  • Finalize my trip itinerary. 
  • get passport pictures taken for my trip

I hope that you will have a lovely week. Seek out opportunities to be happy and make others happy. 


  1. Sounds like you are a travel girl after my own heart;) I lived in Korea for 2 years, spent time in Thailand, Cambodia, China, Singapore, worked for Carnival Cruise Lines, back packed Europe...Adventure is around every bend! I can't wait to hear about your latest trip! I am here from The Nectar Collective, hope that your goals this week go well! You can do it!

  2. I think you'll be able to "find" yourself when reading those books and doing travel planning. Have tons of fun!

  3. sounds like a good week by your plans. :) what books are are your reading list? Have fun on your trip!


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