June 25, 2014

Wednesday Word of Wisdom

Too many times we allow insecurity to hold us back from being our best selves. I know I'm guilty of this.
I always manage to find a flaw. My thighs are too big, my back boobs are protruding, my hair isn't like her hair or some other thing that drives me crazy about my physical self.
Truth is I'll never be perfect and there comes a point when I have to accept those things I can't change.
I can choose to be happy and enjoy life, flaws and all or I can choose to be unhappy.
We all have the power of choice.
Choose to enjoy all your great qualities and to find those things that make you beautiful and unique.
They're there, you just have to look closely.

June 24, 2014

Weekend Re-cap

I know it's already Tuesday and the weekend is well over but I wanted to do a quick recap of some of the fun things I did.
I was super busy and was hardly in my house which is good because there are weekends when I spend far too much time on my couch. It's good to get out and socialize.

On Friday I went to a photography class which was a great review of the basics of using a DSLR camera and learning some of the technical language. I learned a few new things about lighting and exposure, and got a chance to practice taking shots of artwork using a tripod. For some reason shooting on a tripod seemed so challenging but getting to practice made me realize it's not so bad. It definitely helps to get better quality pictures because it eliminates camera shake. Guess I should take my tripod out of the closet and start using it huh?
The hardest part is uploading and editing the pictures. Hopefully soon I can get it done and be able to share a few of the images with you guys.

Later that night I went to a poetry slam. Such a cool experience and I got a chance to witness some very talented folks. Made me miss my writing days. I fancied myself a poet back in the day but for some reason I just stopped writing. Maybe one day the inspiration will come back to me and I'll get past the drought in my brain.

On Saturday I went to my first Emerati/Arabic wedding, something that had been on my mental bucket list for awhile. My coworker's brother  was getting married and she invited the entire staff. That's how it works around these parts, you can literally invite/bring anyone you want with you to a wedding. There is always more than enough food for an army and no need to RSVP and all that formal jazz.
These weddings are such opulent and interesting affairs. The men and women are separated on the wedding day for the reception. The women do their thing and the men do theirs. I have to clue as to how the actual marriage ceremony goes but I assume at some point there is the signing of some paperwork to seal the deal.
When you get to the reception there are only women, beautifully dressed and made up. Picture the Miss Universe competition, but only it's a wedding. Over the top fabulous.
There is tons of food being passed around as well as perfume. Ladies walk around with huge bottles of perfume for you to put on. I guess you have to stay smelling sweet.
You eat, you talk and depending on the family there may be dancing.
A few hours later the bride arrives and proceeds down the aisle which takes probably 15 minutes. Photos are taken, maybe some dancing and congratulations. Sometimes the groom will come with his father and brothers for a little. This doesn't happen at all weddings, and depends upon the family. Definitely different from western weddings.
This wedding was a bit subdued according my friend who had been to a few. There wasn't too much dancing going on.
Here are a few pictures from the night. I tried to get as dolled up as possible. The more make-up you can get on your face the better. Here more is more.

my friends from work
 Hopefully the next few weekends will be equally as fun.

June 23, 2014

Weekly Wishes #27

Hi lovelies,
Happy Monday!
Hope you had a fab weekend and that this week will be an amazing one for you.

Ok, so counting down and just a little over 2 weeks until I go home. Yipeee!
Is is too soon to pack? I'm so ready to be up out of here.

Let's take a look at how I did with my goals.

Last Week's Goals
  • Continue to focus on what I'm eating and getting my gym sessions in.  Hmmm...not gonna lie, I messed up a bit on this over the weekend. I had too much in the socializing department and ended up indulging a bit. 
  • Try a new exercise this week. Doesn't have to be anything fancy but just something to challenge myself and keep things fun.  I did try a new exercise for my abs called the Flutter Kicks. Super not fun but I felt the burn.
  • Lose 1 pound this week. So this didn't happen. Maybe lost .5 pounds.

This Week's Goals
So this week I'm just going to keep the same goals. I'm super focused in this weight loss business right now. Not much else going on anyway. 
  • Continue to focus on what I'm eating and getting my gym sessions in.
  • Try a new exercise this week. Doesn't have to be anything fancy but just something to challenge myself and keep things fun.
  • Lose 1 pound this week.
  • Don't but too much grocery. I don't want to have to throw stuff out when it's time to go. Only buying the absolute necessities. 

That's it folks. Keeping it super simple. 
Happy goal setting.

June 21, 2014

Trend I Love

I love a good fashion trend. Trends are such a fun and easy way to change up your look and be more daring or creative.
The thing is, you can't go overboard with trends. Definitely don't incorporate too many into one look.
To the public eyes, you need to appear effortlessly chic; like you weren't even trying, even though you did but no one else has to know.

My current favorite trend is the half tuck. It's not a new Olympic diving move but still pretty impressive in my book.

This look is so versatile. From t-shirts to button-downs to sweaters. It's also great for camouflaging a little belly pooch. Heck yes to that!
Just tuck and roll out.

Check out these looks for inspiration.
Happy tucking my dears!!

June 19, 2014

Summer Bucket List

I love summer, especially summer in New York.
There's just so much to do and see. I've grown to appreciate it that much more since my move to Abu Dhabi. When I lived in NY I rarely took advantage of all the glorious things it had to offer. Now I'm practically chomping at the bit to get back there.
That's how it usually goes right? You never miss the water until the well runs dry.
Best believe I won't be making that mistake again.

This is only the beginning, there are many more things I'll be doing once I get home but those are just the ones that demanded to be acknowledged.

What's on your summer bucket list? Do tell!

June 18, 2014

Wednesday Word of Wisdom

Live life to the fullest. Chase after your dreams with relentless audacity. Challenge yourself to aspire to something greater than merely existing.

June 17, 2014

I'm Happy!

Hey lovelies, hope you're having a fab week. 
Life isn't perfect but I'm enjoying it as best I can. Every little bit of joy I can find is a blessing. I try not to take anything for granted. 

Here are just a few things that made me super happy this week. 

  1. My new purple pumas. Finally got a pair of bright sneakers. One thing off my summer wish list. 

2. This beautiful new abaya. One of many gifts from one of my favorite students. Also, I think I look skinny!

 3. This amazing salad. Spinach, Strawberries, Goat Cheese and Red Onions. The dressing was fresh orange juice, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Yummy!!!!

4. Awesome gifts all wrapped up in purple and a purple rose! More gifts from my student.

What's your source of happiness? I'd love to hear about it.

June 16, 2014

Weekly Wishes #26

Hi lovelies,
I hope you are having an amazing week so far.

School has officially ended for the kiddies. I'm kinda sad. I won't see the boys again and I didn't get a chance to say good bye to a few of them. Oh well, such is life.

On a more positive note, only 4 more weeks until I go home.

Let's see what my goals are looking like shall we.

Last Week's Goals
  • Complete all the reports and other such unexciting work things by Wednesday.  Done!
  • Go grocery shopping. Yay I have food!
  • Focus on eating clean and going hard-core at the gym. Ongoing
  • Shave my legs. Summer is here.  Finally!!!

This Week's Goals
  • Continue to focus on what I'm eating and getting my gym sessions in.
  • Try a new exercise this week. Doesn't have to be anything fancy but just something to challenge myself and keep things fun.
  • Lose 1 pound this week. 
Not too many things on my plate this week. 
I just really want to focus on my eating and meeting my 1 pound weight loss goal. 
Good luck with your goals and link up over on The Nectar Collective

June 11, 2014

Wednesday Word of Wisdom

I try to keep this in mind when I'm struggling.
Where we are today isn't where we will stay forever. Don't let life get to you.
You are a victor, not a victim.

Wishing you a great day!

June 10, 2014

Currently #3


I love this show. I watch it every season and bemoan the fact that I have 2 left feet and no rhythm. Oh the humanity!

Listening to...
 I love this guy's voice. So beautiful and so enchanting. Check him out! Great album.

This is such a captivating novel. I'm only a few chapters in but it's hard to put down.

June 9, 2014

Weekly Wishes #25

Hi lovelies, Happy Monday!

Only five more weeks until I'm back in NY. I'm super excited.

The kids have stopped coming. I miss them but I'm glad to be done. I'm exhausted and it's nice to be able to go in to work and not have to worry about entertaining 23 kids.
Yay for summer vacations!

Ok so here are my goals for this week.

  • Complete all the reports and other such unexciting work things by Wednesday. 
  • Go grocery shopping. My fridge is bare.
  • Focus on eating clean and going hard-core at the gym. 5 weeks to lose 5 pounds!!
  • Shave my legs. Summer is here. I can't be walking around with cave girl legs. 
What are your goals this week. Head over to Melyssa's blog to share them and participate in the fun.

June 3, 2014

Summer Romper

Summer Romper

Summer Romper by leela-hamilton featuring Lipsy

Seriously, how cute is this romper?
I'll be going to Jamaica in August and this would be the perfect item to have for my trip. 

Lately I've been really keen on rompers. Now that I'm losing weight I feel that it's something I could add to my closet. Would just have to find the right fit. 
Something like this would really work though. I have a short torso and the belted waist would help to show that I actually have a waist line.  It would also conceal my little donut belly while showing off my gams which if I do say so myself, aren't too shabby. Yay for leg days at the gym!!!

I'm gonna be on the hunt for something similar. 
Keep and eye out there for me all you fashionistas and let a sister know if you spot a romper like this one.

June 1, 2014

Reggae Party in Abu Dhabi???

Strange and amazing right?
I was so happy when I saw the flyer for this event. There were always parties like this but all the way in Dubai. Ummm...no thanks. The drive is too much and nobody I know would want to go all that way. 
In Abu Dhabi, sure. Absolutely I would go. The fact that the venue was the hotel within walking distance from my house was enough to convince me to go. 
Man am I glad I went. I had such a blast. Th DJS were really good and one sounded straight from yaad (patois for yard, that's how we refer to Jamaica). He was a really great DJ who knew how to keep the party going.
It was a nice mix of old school Reggae and Dancehall music. I mean not just Bob Marley but a host of other Jamaican Reggae artistes; this dude knew what he was doing. 
It felt like a legit Reggae party. People were dancing and having such a great time, but to be honest that's a given when you go to a Reggae party. The music just gets you and you can't help but dance. That's how we do it in Jamaica.  
Hahaha, the only thing missing was Red Stripe Beer but hey, you can't have everything.

Here are some pics from the party.  
It was hot and I was sweating. My poor make-up! 
The bar was open roof and despite planting myself near the portable AC unit I still managed to work up a shine but it was totally worth it.