August 26, 2014

Weekly Wishes #31

Hey lovelies,
Hope you're all doing well.

I am over here struggling from jet lag. The struggle is very real y'll. I'm hoping that my body gets it together soon.
Otherwise I am doing great. Work has begun, the kids aren't there yet. We've just been setting up the classes and getting to know each other.
If you read my last post, I mentioned that most of the staff are brand new and I was a little anxious about that. I am happy to report that so far they seem really sweet and down-to-earth. Yay! I am feeling really good about the year and working with them.

Ok so here are my goals for this week

  • Unpack. Currently I have 2 large suitcases spilling their contents all over my living room floor. I just haven't had the energy yet to tackle them but this week I want to take care of that.
  • Organize my spice cabinet. Exciting right? I brought back a bunch of awesome spices and I literally chucked them in the cabinet and it is a hot mess up in there. Yeah, need to fix that.
  • Sweep my floors. I'm looking around and there are  six weeks of dust bunnies the size of my head attempting to usurp me and I can't have that. 
So I think that's all my weary body can manage this week. What's up with you? Head over to The Nectar Collective to join the party. 

August 23, 2014

Embracing Changes and a New Start

Hey lovelies, I'm back! 
Back to blogging and back for my 3rd year, can you believe it, in Abu Dhabi.

My summer was pretty awesome, for the most part. I'm definitely missing my mom and my loves already but it feels so good to be home in my little place again.

I'm writing this post by the way when I should actually be sleeping. In a few hours it wil be time for work. Yikes!!!! Already. 
To tell the truth I'm so nervous/anxious that I can't seem to get myself to fall asleep. There were some major changes at the end of the last school year and we pretty much have an entirely new staff. 
I'm going back to the school I've been teaching in for the past 2 years which would be awesome if all except one of my friends hadn't left. Every single soul on my kindergarten team is gone. I had grown really close to some of the ladies I worked with and I'm super sad that I won't have these friends at work to help keep me sane and get through the tough times.

So this year is really a new start in more ways than one.  A new team to work with and new kids to grow to love.
Trying to build a rapport with a new team and babies who don't speak a lick of English will make for a very challenging start but I've already prayed and asked God for guidance and a positive attitude.
That's about all I can do. 

I'm keeping this quote in mind "the only thing that is constant is change". This will keep me grounded as I embark on this new journey at work. Being able to adapt to changes and being flexible is the way to survive in this place I call home. 

Seriously though, can you believe that this is year three? It's also my 5th year of teaching. I'm still in disbelief. Time surely does fly. 

Speaking of changes, did you get a load of my new look? I got some braids put in to give my hair a rest and to do something a little different. I have Marley Twists which is a new style for me. They're very chunky twists done with a kinkier texture hair. I love it! 

Alright my loves, I'm going to close my eyes for about 3 hours. Chat soon.

August 11, 2014

Weekly Wishes #30

My new notebook....I heart it!

Hi lovelies, it's been so long since I've blogged. Honestly this summer has been such a roller coaster ride.
Two days before coming home, my mom's sister passed away from cancer. Our much anticipated family reunion in Jamaica was cancelled and attention diverted to planning for the funeral which was to take place in Delaware.
Most of the past few weeks leading up to the funeral was consumed with helping my mom and just focusing on family.

I did get a chance to see some friends but my summer didn't go as planned. Anyway, that's how life goes and you just have to deal with it.

It's also been forever since I've done a weekly wishes post.
I'll keep this one simple, not much on my agenda but I wanted to get back into things.

This Week's Goals

  • Make returns. I did  a little shopping and have some returns to do. Can't put it off much longer cause I want to get my money back.
  • Find a cute planner that I really like. I'm super anal about my planner, the pages and the lines have to be a certain way. LOL, ridic right? I can't help it.
  • Do laundry. #runningoutofundies
  • Try NOT to eat myself into a coma.

Ok loves, wishing you all a wonderful week.
Take care.