Friday Confessional #7

Today I'm super happy. It's the end of my first Whole30 challenge for the new year.
I'm even happier because it's the first one that I actually completed one successfully. I've attempted to do a challenge maybe three or four times but always end up cheating and once I mess up, I give up completely.
This time it was different. I wanted, as part of my goals for the new year, to really focus on not only setting goals but executing them 100%.
I knew that I had to see this through to the end. Also I really wanted to lose a few pounds accumulated over the holidays.

To say it was easy would be a lie. It's never easy deciding to change your eating lifestyle but because I have been doing Paleo for a while, doing the Whole30 was a lot easier this time around.
Basically, in order to detox your body and break dependency on unhealthy foods you give up all forms of sugar, dairy, legumes, wheat and processed foods. You give up all treats (including paleo ones made with seemingly healthy ingredients) and you even give up sugar-free gum (artificial sweeteners).
Sounds like torture right? LOL. Not as bad as you think. The first few days are hard especially if you have a serious addiction to all things sugary. Luckily, I no longer do. Paleo took care of that for me. I have gotten over most cravings so I didn't struggle in that department.
My problem was that I had eaten so much carby foods and drank so much beer in Vietnam that my body was being fueled by the residual crap left over. Once I started the detox process, there were days when I felt like crap because my body was dealing with getting that stuff out. I had low energy and was exhausted. This only lasted three or so days thankfully.

I didn't drop crazy weight but I have lost quite a few inches. I forgot to take my measurements and didn't weigh myself before I started but I have a pair of jeans that I deemed my "skinny jeans" that I've been using to determine how much progress I'm making. It was one of 2015 resolutions to fit into them.

I tried them on this morning and holy smokes, they totally fit.
Like actually fit. Before when I tried to get into them I felt like a sausage stuffed into a straw, but now they are comfy and I don't have fat rolls spilling over.

Ok so the Whole30 is over, what's next? How do I plan to continue the momentum?
My goal is to return to a paleo lifestyle. Some people start reintroducing certain foods like yogurt but there isn't anything I totally miss, well maybe the occasional glass of wine. I think I may have wine once in a while.
I have more weight to lose and I have to continue to eat right and workout. It's a slow process but the results do come. You have to be willing to make the sacrifices and put the time in.

Hopefully this inspires someone to give Whole30 a try. Feel free to reach out to me with questions. It really isn't as hard as it sounds.
Have a great weekend.