Weekly Wishes #43

Hello lovelies,
Sometimes I absolutely love living here in the UAE. Take today for instance, when it rained. That's a normal occurrence in most places but a rarity in a dessert climate. That's not the awesome part though. The awesome part is that they dismissed school early. It wasn't even a thunderstorm- type- torrential -downpour-kind of rain.  Seriously, where else doe that happen?

My co-worker and I went out for lunch and enjoyed the extra hours gifted to us. It wrong to wish it rains again tomorrow? Can I get so lucky 2 days in a row?????

Anywho, let's see how I did with my goals for last week shall we?

Last Week's Goals
  • Schedule a much needed and long overdue dental appointment.
  • Hit the gym 4x 
  • Create meal plan and actually stick to it.  
  • No arbitrary grocery buying.Stick to my list!
  • Drink more water especially a glass before bed.
  • Read bible at least 5 nights
  • Limit time on social media. I was doing so well before the holidays but I've gotten caught up again. I'm wasting time that I could be using to read a book and my bible.
  • Find a book to read.  
Yes lovelies, I managed to get my goals accomplished, ok except that bit about social media. Arg...I'm hooked I tell you, hooked! Is there AAA for Social Media? 

This Week's Goals
  • Finish my book
  • Go to bed at a decent hour. Apparently insufficient sleep affects your ability to lose weight 
  • Complete this week of Whole30. One more week to go!! 
  • Drink loads of water

That's all folks. 
Have a lovely week. 


  1. Hiya Kahleel!!! I coming to you by way of Weekly Wishes. You did great last week!!! Congrats!!! I know what you mean about social media, I need that AAA too, lol. Good luck on this week. And what is Whole30??? Take care, blessed be, hugs!!! Pam
    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

  2. Wow! What a great week it was for you last week. It must feel great knowing that you were able to accomplish so much. Your list made me think of things I need to start prioritizing :) Wishing a you great week!

  3. I am with you about drinking loads of water. The more the better. I am also with you on the whole getting to bed early deal. Water and sleep will keep this face fresh and happy. Good luck this week!


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