February Goals

Hi lovelies, is it seriously already February?
Where is the time going? It just seems to be passing by so quickly.
That's part of the reason I love to make goals. It really helps me to feel like I'm making the best of life and making every moment count.

Let's look at my January goals and see how I did.

January's Goals
  • Complete Whole30  I did it! I'm so proud of myself. 
  • Go to church 2 times Managed to only go once. I've been way too lazy and don't manage my time well. Will work on this for Feb. 
  • Read 2 books   Did it!
  • Begin my Gratitude Project.  I've started and posted every week. Check out my posts y'll
  • No shopping for clothes, shoes or random crap.  Soooo J.Crew was having this really great sale and one thing led to another and you can only imagine what happened next. I only spent 45 bucks though and got a pair of black jeans and a beautiful silk blend top. That's pretty awesome though right?
  • Save money towards my trip to Jordan.  I am saving money for my trip but I'm not sure if it will be to Jordan. Bali is a strong option right now. I am going somewhere, not exactly sure where just yet. 
February's Goals
  • lose 5 pounds. I will weigh myself and begin to track my progress. I won't be obsessive but at the beginning and end of the month. 
  • No Shopping. Seriously, I'm staying away from J.Crew. 
  • Save 200 bucks for my trip
  • Follow my new Paleo meal plan for 4 weeks. i bought a new paleo book and the meal plan seems to make life easier. We shall see.
  • Read 2 books. My goal is a minimum of 12 for the year. 
  • Church 2 times. I will wake my butt up and go. 
  • Go on a couple dates. Sometimes I get asked out or someone will try to set me up and I usually say no but I'm trying to be more open-minded and less uptight so I'm going to try. I suck at dating. Practice makes perfect right? 

What are you working on for this month? 


  1. Good luck with the dating goal, you can do it! It's hard finding a date out here in Abu Dhabi - Western Region!


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