The Gratitude Project #5

Hi lovelies,
I had a pretty good week. Not too stressful. Yay! I love weeks like that. No drama, no stress.

Here's what I'm thankful for.

  1.  Coffee. Seriously some mornings it's my saving grace. I'm not addicted or anything but I do love me some coffee. 
  2. Plantains. I love plantains so much so that I had to take a break from them but yesterday I made some plantain chips with a green plantain and they were so yummy. A great healthy alternative to greasy chips.
  3. Freedom to spend  an entire  day  in bed. Friday I wasn't feeling so hot but it was nice to have a day and the freedom to stay in bed, all day. I didn't have to worry about someone else needing me or about chores or cooking. It was just lovely!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.