Weekly Wishes #45

Hey lovelies,
I hope that your weekend was splendid.

Mine was very low-key. I'm not complaining though. I enjoyed staying in and resting on my couch.
Last week I didn't write a post with my weekly wishes, I guess the time just slipped by and then I got a little lazy. Oh well.
Let's just jump into the goals for this week.

This Week's Goals
  • Read. I'm so behind on my goal to read 2 books this month. Haven't even started one. Fingers crossed.
  • Clean up the house. 
  • Do some research for Bali trip. 
  • Get at least 5 workouts done. I'm TRYING to follow the 21 Day Fix workout which requires 7 days or workouts for 21 days.  Side eye to Autumn whatever her last name is, for this intense schedule. I'll try but I figure if I get 5 days that's better than nothing. Right?
  • Use the veggies in my fridge before buy more. I have a tendency to overbuy and always end up with a surplus. I hate when things go to waste so I'll need to get very creative this week. 
That's all for me this week. Work is getting so busy that I barely have time to breathe. Hopefully my personal life doesn't fall to the dogs. 

What are you working on this week? 
Head over to Melyssa's blog to join the goal setting party. 


  1. It me to read books when I get them from the library, because I know I only have a limited amount of time to finish it. I also have a to read list of books, that I pull from and put on hold at my local library to help me read more. Reading more was one of my goals for this year. :) Good luck with all your goals this week, and enjoy your week.

    1. Thanks Felecia, that's a great idea to make use of the library. What are some of your favorites? I need some new books.

  2. Good luck with the goals this week. Planning a trip to Bali sounds exciting! Oooh, workouts for 21 days sounds tough, but what a great feeling that will be if you succeed with that :) Good luck!


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