That Time Sanjay Came to Visit

Hey lovelies,
I've been gone awhile but for a very good reason. One of my absolute favorite people on earth came to visit me in the sandbox. I was busy entertain him and making sure that his visit was memorable.

Words can't even articulate just how exciting it was having my friend Sanjay come for a visit. I hadn't seen him in ages and I was super happy that he chose to spend his vacation with me.
We spent our time reminiscing, laughing, eating way too much and of course creating new memories.
Since he was only here for a short time so we had to make every minute count. We had such a blast but it made me realize I'm getting old. I'm still recovering and we didn't even go partying.
Sadly, he is gone now. All good things must come to an end (insert sad face).

Here are just a few of the special monuments we shared.