Reflections on Turning Thirty-Two

It's the eve of my birthday and it's hard to believe I'm turning thirty -two. Dang! Sometimes I forget that I'm no longer in my twenties. When the heck did that happen???

Each birthday has in the past brought with it a fledgling sense of something bitter-sweet . On one hand I am truly happy and grateful that I am alive and healthy to see another year of life but on the other hand, I can't help but think of the moments of past that I didn't achieve something I wanted.

This year as I enter my 32nd year of life, I am choosing to focus only on the sweet part. I am thankful that I am here and have had many opportunities to attain so much of what I have set out to accomplish. And with the gift of another year, I will have more opportunities to add to my list of accomplishments. 

I've created a vision of what I want this new chapter of my life to look like and that is, a life filled with passion. I want to be passionate about the things that I do, whether it be my career or the things of interest I pursue. My tendency has been to start out being passionate about things and then like a dying engine, loose steam. But this year I am pledging to myself that whatever I choose to do, I will maintain the momentum until the very end.

That means being thoughtful about the choices I make and even the people I let into my life. My hope is that at the end of this journey, I can look back and be completely satisfied with the life I lived. 

There are many changes to come over the next twelve months. Some doors will be closed and new journeys embarked upon. I'm ready, albeit a little nervous about what the future holds, but whatever happens I will go forth with a heart full of passion.