Just a Quickie

Hello lovelies,
It's the mother-fudging weekend y'll! I've been trudging through this week and I'm beyond thrilled that it's finally over and I can relax.
Top that off with a week of freedom for work and I 'm pretty much peeing my pants with excitement. Not literally, of course. Thought I should point that out since some of you don't know me that well and you might think that I actually pee ma pants when I'm excited.


I decided not to travel this Spring Break. Sometimes a staycation is just as good. Instead my friend and I booked 2 nights at a 5 star hotel in Dubai and we will be going to the beach and relaxing by the pool.

We have no agenda and are pretty much just gonna go whichever way the wind blows. Oh sweet FREEDOM! Dubai here we come.

Chat you up soon.