Weekend Shenanigans

Hey lovelies,
Happy weekend!

Just got back today from my mini trip to Dubai. It was absolutely marvelous darlings. The day before we left there was a huge sandstorm, we were worried that it would ruin our weekend but thankfully the weather cleared up and was perfect. The stars aligned in our favor to ensure that we had a beautiful weekend.

this was my drive home. worst sandstorm I've witnessed. 

We enjoyed our time away from home. We enjoyed two glorious beach days and ate some amazing food. Side note, I need to get back on my fitness and clean eating regimen. I fell off the horse big time.

We discovered a restaurant at the Dubai Malled called Social House. Somehow I'd managed to walk by this place on numerous occasions without ever giving it even a cursory glance but I am so happy that I noticed it this time around. The menu is extensive with a mix of East meets West; from sushi to waffles. I was hard-pressed to pick something becasue everything looked amazing. I had Belgian Waffles with Truffle Eggs while Jen had sushi. We were both very pleased with our choices.
Guys if you are ever in the Dubai Mall please check this place out. The service is also excellent.

Can I admit something to you? I've suspected this for a while but things were confirmed over the weekend.
I HATE staying out late, at least my body does.
By 9, I swear my body goes into "bedtime" mode. WTH? I'm only thirty-two. What's gonna happen when I'm fifty?

Both of us hadn't been out in a while so we decided to go out and paint the town red. The Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa was the perfect option for us becasue it was super close to our hotel and had a million dining options plus nightclubs for some after dinner fun.

We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Loca. The food was really yummy and so were the Margueritas. During dinner which was about 8:45, I began yawning. Of course Jen began yawning too. We were so ready for bed but who goes to Dubai and goes to bed at 10? We literally had to make a deal that we would stay out till at least 1 a.m. Guys, the struggle was so real. You should have seen us!

We somehow managed to stay awake during dinner and spent the time chatting. Before a Cuban bar called Malecon for some dancing. I'd been there a couple times before and I really like it becasue it isn't as meat-marketish as many of the clubs/bars in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. You can go with your friends and just have a good time. The music is great and you can dance to your heart's content. I suppose it's becasue the crowd is a little bit more mature.
We stayed out until 1:30 y'll. I'm petty darn proud of us.

Sharing a few of our beach pics. Using my awesome selfie stick gifted to me for my b-day by the lovely lady Jen.

Have a lovely weekend.