What I've Been Up To (Sort of)

Hello lovelies,
it feels like forever since I've blogged. The truth is, I've been in such a state of limbo that I haven't felt motivated to do anything. I'll probably chat about this some more in the future. Just send a little prayer and positive thoughts my way that things will work out in my favor.

Now for happier things. I had some more visitors and they were here for 2 weeks so I really have a ligit excuse as to why I was partially gone.

My two friends from college came to Abu Dhabi for a reunion of sorts. The three of us hadn't been together in the same place for almost four years so it was long overdue. I kept begging them to come visit and they finally conceded. They really love me!!!

We did all the touristy things like heading to Dubai to go to The Dubai Mall and look at the Burj Khalifa.
We also hit up the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Emirates Palace for some amazing cappuccino with edible gold flakes. We went to the beach and checked out the Central souk (market) where they bought some really amazing souvenirs.
Of course no trip to the UAE is complete without going on a desert safari. I can't tell you how much fun these things are. 

They were super sweet and took me out to a very fancy dinner to celebrate my birthday.

I seriously love these ladies. Since my move to AD, there hasn't been a week that's passed without us talking. It could be as simple as a WhatsApp message to see if I'm still alive. It always makes me so happy to chat with them.

Check out a few of the pics. They kept me laughing for the entire time. We just had so much fun. We are already planning our next trip.

We love each other so much
Hanging out in Dubai
my cray-cray friend

A picture of maturity

Dune bashing with these hilarious girls from Japan
desert safari
The Bolt pose

We are all nuts.
Beach day

She ruined my pose!
At the Mosque. LOL

Thanks for stopping by!