A Lil' Update

Hello lovelies,
How's it hanging? I know I've been gone a long time but life has been a roller coaster ride for the past three months. The universe has righted itself and things are much better albeit not the way I thought they would be. My consolation is that I know God has a plan for my life and I have to just trust and wait on him to work it all out.

On to the good stuff...
I'm getting excited because summer break is right around the corner. This is the time of year every teacher anxiously awaits. I'm practically bursting out of my skin. Just a few more weeks left before I am officially on vacation for the next seven weeks.

I am especially excited because I plan on visiting a couple new places this summer.
On the way home to NY, I'll be stopping over in the Netherlands for a few days. The plan is to see Amsterdam, Harlaam and Zaanse Schanse. I really wanted to see Anne Frank's home as well but tickets are already sold out. They go so quickly!

At the beginning of August my mom and I are going to Mexico, wohoo. We'll be staying in the beautiful Playa Del Carmen for five days of relaxation. I can't wait for this trip. I plan to lay about by the pool, reading and being as lazy as I can manage to be.
I'm also uber excited becasue I will finally get to visit Tulum. I came across a pictures of the Mayan ruins years ago and I've been obsessed with going there ever since. It's on my bucket list of places to see and I'm so happy to be able to cross it off.

Cannot wait to share my experiences with you guys. Things should be less quiet around these parts. Time to get my blogging butt back in gear.
Smooches dahlings!