Life Lately

Hi lovelies,
I've been gone for such a long time and  I have so much to tell you.
I began writing this post a few weeks ago while on my stop over in Amsterdam. I never completed it there so now that I have a few days of relaxation in Playa del Carmen, I want to get this out and reconnect to the few of you who are still around.

A few huge things have happened in my life since we last spoke. 
I've moved back to NY. Sure did. Bet you didn't see that coming right? 
Let me just say that it was not easy. It was way easier packing up and moving to Abu Dhabi than it was moving back home. I agonized over the decision for months. In so many ways life was great in Abu Dhabi. I had a beautiful, FREE apartment, wonderful friends, a tax free salary and access to travel . As I'm listing these things, I''m wondering what the heck is wrong with me. Why would anyone give these things up?????
The truth is, it wasn't home. I knew that it wasn't a life that I could live forever. Abu Dhabi just wasn't where I saw myself long term and it was better to rip that band-aid off sooner than later. 

The reality though was that I was giving up security for uncertainty. I had no job and no prospects of a job either. 
Who does that? 
Not gonna lie, I was really starting to worry but a few days before I was to head out to NY my friend posted on Facebook that her company was hiring. I told her I was interested and she e-introduced me to a recruiter. Had a phone interview on the Monday and an in person interview set for the Friday when I got home. The interview went well and I was offered the job on the spot. I began working the following Monday. Everything happened in less than a week after my return. God definitely did that. 
One of the biggest fears about leaving Abu Dhabi is that I wouldn't make as much money back in NY but God went above and beyond my imagination and showed me that nothing is impossible for him. It still feels possible to travel, something I was worried I may no longer be able to afford. 

My new job is great so far and the staff seems really fun. I'll be teaching Kindergarten and Grade 1 Science and Social Studies. Haven't really taught Social Studies so that should be interesting. I am looking forward to kids who speak English though. I'm really excited about that actually. Kids are so funny and it will be great to hear their responses to discussions. 
The job will be intense and time consuming. My goal is to find time to find balance between working and doing the things I enjoy, like blogging. 

Look out for upcoming posts about my time in Amsterdam  and Mexico. Can't wait to share with you.