Life Lately

Hi my dear lovelies,
Yes I'm still alive and well.  Hope you all had a really great weekend.
Life has been super hectic. In my last post I mentioned that I moved back to NY and got a job two days after I returned. I've been working non-stop since then. Friends that was almost two months ago.
It has not been easy. Trying to get re-acclimated to life in America has proved challenging especially when you've started a new job that is completely out of your element.
I've been feeling really overwhelmed. Thankfully things are getting better. I am learning and easing into my new teaching role and I'm finally caught up on lesson plans.
Not sure if I can have a completely normal social life just yet but I am working very hard to have a balance between my work and personal lives. Inshallah, soon.

So here I am trying to make time to do something I really enjoy. I've missed blogging. I think about writing all the time and I want to focus on making the time to get back to doing it regularly. I feel like all my time has been devoted to lesson planning. That is no way to live.

With a day off finally(thank you public holiday! )I had a chance to just have a relatively stress free weekend and a long one to boot.
My friends from college who visited me in Abu Dhabi, came to NY to visit. One stayed with me and we all had lunch together and visited the Google office. That was pretty cool. Seems like a great place to work, they spoil their employees. Jealous.

Also had a chance over the weekend to hang out with some of my besties. Dinner and a BBQ were on my list of fun things I indulged in. I really made sure to squeeze every drop of fun out of the weekend.
I feel so much better and so much more relaxed.
Check out a few pics we took.
Hope I can come around more often.

Going for a personal tour of the Google office. I need a job there!

not preggers!! It's the blouse I swear. 

walking over the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn is so beautiful!