February 24, 2015

Gratitude Project #7

Hey lovelies,
This week I'm super grateful for...

  1. New and blossoming friendships. 
  2. Scented candles
  3. Scarves that do double duty as head wraps on those less than awesome hair days.
  4. Almonds for a quick energy picker upper. 
  5. Old friends who don't mind traveling half way across the world to come see me.
What are you grateful for?
I'd love to hear from you.

February 23, 2015

Weekly Wishes #47

Hi lovelies,
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was super fun!
Had some yummy food at the Abu Dhabi food festival, attended a yoga class and a poetry show with two awesome new friends.
I met these two ladies a year and a half ago, they were new teachers to Abu Dhabi at the time. We exchanged numbers but life happens and we never hung out. Fast forward to a week ago when I ran into one of them and she invited me to go to yoga.
I am so happy I accepted the invite. A and N are just the sweetest and funniest ladies. We connected immediately and it felt like I have known them for ages.
I love when that happens! I think we will be doing more hanging out soon.

Last Week's Goals
  • drink tons of water.   I think I managed to accomplish this. I don't track my intake but I'm making a more conscious effort to stay hydrated.
  • follow the 21 day fix meal plan.   I've been measuring my portions and trying to eat enough food without over-eating. Hopefully the results will show soon. 
  • Get to bed before 10. Success. I made it to bed by 9:30 most nights. 
  • Limit social media usage. I didn't do as well on this as I wanted but I'm getting there. Even slow progress is progress. 
  • Give myself a manicure. Fail. My hands look like I use them to dig ditches. Not cute!
  • Workout 7 days. I think I was successful. I can't remember if I missed a day, for sure I did 6 days though. 

Goals this Week
  • workout 6 days
  • Read. I just started Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I'm hoping I can actually finish it by the end of the month. 
  • Find hotel and flights for Sri Lanka (Bali was way too expensive) 
  • Take body measurement and find/create a progress tracker. 
  • Get a manicure like yesterday. I'm so ashamed of my hands. 
So that's what I'll be up to this week. What about you? What are your goals for this week? 
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February 18, 2015

What I'm Eating

Hey lovelies!

Since switching to a Paleo lifestyle, I've been eating way more vegetables than I have ever eaten in my entire life. I've noticed though that I stick to the usual, you know like broccoli, cauliflower and green beans. Sometimes I'll have some zucchini and squash too but I tend to stick to what I know.
It just makes life easier that way.
However it can get boring after a while.

Lately I've been feeling the inclination to step outside the box just a bit and try some different veggies.
I went grocery shopping with a friend and she suggested I try beets. I have bad memories of my mom making beet juice when I was younger. yuck! Since then I've avoided them.

People are always raving about beets and they're really good for you. So I went ahead a purchased some, very apprehensively might I add.

I also had some parsnips hanging out in my fridge becasue I bought them on a whim but had no clue what to do with them.

Well after doing a little research about peeling beets (it's not as bad as I had expected) I made this recipe. It was yummy and the beets have a nice sweet taste which I enjoyed.

3 beets
2 parsnips
1 carrot
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons melted Kerrygold butter
salt and pepper
fresh rosemary


Peel and chop vegetables into small pieces.
In a bowl, combine veggies with melted butter and season with salt, pepper and rosemary.
Spread the vegetables evenly in a baking dish and bake for 30 minutes, then flip the veggies with a spatula and bake for another 30 minutes.
Once the veggies are done roasting, drizzle with Balsamic vinegar and serve.

I served it with roasted chicken but it would go really well with fish or any meat of your choice. I could even eat it alone but I'm a carnivore and must always have meat.

My goal is to make this a regular part of my diet. I need some more ideas.
What is your favorite way to eat beets?

February 17, 2015

Gratitude Project #6

This week I'm grateful for....

1. Good hair days. I was feeling myself that day. LOL

2. Amazing Mascara

3. Friends with a witty sense of humor.

4. Some good advice that made me feel at ease about some life decisions I've made.

What are you thankful for my lovelies?

February 16, 2015

Weekly Wishes #46

Hello lovlies,
Happy Monday!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
I had a good one. Did a little socializing and a little relaxing. Couldn't have asked for more.

So last week's goals were
  • Read.  I didn't even go near a book. 
  • Clean up the house.  I did but only becasue I was having a visitor. 
  • Do some research for Bali trip.  I did the research and realized that I can't afford Bali. I'll have to downgrade just a little. 
  • Get at least 5 workouts done.  I had good intentions, really I did but I think I managed 4. This week I'm going to be so much better. 
  • Use the veggies in my fridge before buy more. I managed did it. Good thing I love veggies. 

This week's goals are
  • drink tons of water. 
  • follow the 21 day fix meal plan. I didn't realize how inflated my portion sizes were. I'm following the guidelines of the plan and doing the workouts so I'll be able to see some more great results. 
  • Get to bed before 10. I was doing so well with this and then got side-tracked. 
  • Limit social media usage. AGAIN. Bad habits are so hard to get rid of. 
  • Give myself a manicure. 
  • Workout 7 days. 
What are you working on my lovelies?
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February 14, 2015

Life Lately

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts. Mostly because life hasn't been that exciting to be honest and I doubt that you want to read about me spending countless hours on Youtube.

Listening ...  to Pandora. I absolutely love that I can get all that music for free. I love my Calvin Harris and Erykah Badu stations.

Watching... way too much Youtube vids. I'm watching make-up tutorials and hair tutorials. There's so much you can learn for free!

Planning... for my vacation. I was checking out Bali prices and they're way out of my price range right now so I think Sri Lanka will be it. So excited since I'm going with a bunch of friends. wohooo!!!

Anticipating... the visit of several friends to the UAE. Finally I have friends coming. I can't wait!!!

Craving... new lip colors. I've been so many different brands and colors on Instagram and Youtube and  I want. I am loving all the matte finishes that seems to be the new thing.

Loving... the weather here in Abu Dhabi. It's perfect. Just the right amount of crisp coolness and sunshine. It's just beautiful right now.

Besos xoxo

February 9, 2015

Weekly Wishes #45

Hey lovelies,
I hope that your weekend was splendid.

Mine was very low-key. I'm not complaining though. I enjoyed staying in and resting on my couch.
Last week I didn't write a post with my weekly wishes, I guess the time just slipped by and then I got a little lazy. Oh well.
Let's just jump into the goals for this week.

This Week's Goals
  • Read. I'm so behind on my goal to read 2 books this month. Haven't even started one. Fingers crossed.
  • Clean up the house. 
  • Do some research for Bali trip. 
  • Get at least 5 workouts done. I'm TRYING to follow the 21 Day Fix workout which requires 7 days or workouts for 21 days.  Side eye to Autumn whatever her last name is, for this intense schedule. I'll try but I figure if I get 5 days that's better than nothing. Right?
  • Use the veggies in my fridge before buy more. I have a tendency to overbuy and always end up with a surplus. I hate when things go to waste so I'll need to get very creative this week. 
That's all for me this week. Work is getting so busy that I barely have time to breathe. Hopefully my personal life doesn't fall to the dogs. 

What are you working on this week? 
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February 8, 2015

The Gratitude Project #5

Hi lovelies,
I had a pretty good week. Not too stressful. Yay! I love weeks like that. No drama, no stress.

Here's what I'm thankful for.

  1.  Coffee. Seriously some mornings it's my saving grace. I'm not addicted or anything but I do love me some coffee. 
  2. Plantains. I love plantains so much so that I had to take a break from them but yesterday I made some plantain chips with a green plantain and they were so yummy. A great healthy alternative to greasy chips.
  3. Freedom to spend  an entire  day  in bed. Friday I wasn't feeling so hot but it was nice to have a day and the freedom to stay in bed, all day. I didn't have to worry about someone else needing me or about chores or cooking. It was just lovely!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

February 6, 2015

Friday Confessional #8

Hi lovelies,
Happy Friday!

The weeks are going by quickly and I am so happy because it means I am that much closer to Spring Break.
I'm so ready. I think I'm getting to that point in teaching where the joy just isn't there. My mind  only wants to focus on the weekend or the next vacation. That's a post for another time though.  

So, on the heels of last week's great post about my weight loss success, this post is about the frustrations that come along the way 

I was feeling great about the progress I was making until a seemingly harmless comment from a co-worker completely screwed with my mind. 
She jokingly poked fun of my little pudgy belly. Let me tell you, I was wrecked. All I could think of was all the work I still had to do and how little I had accomplished. 
Of course I began questioning what was the point of sacrificing all the good stuff like french fries, cookies and cheese if I was still going to be fat. 

As much as I would like to say that I am strong and can get over things easily, I am human and very susceptible to the influences of negativity. 
When I went out to dinner that night, I had one of those moments when I just let myself go. All I could think was "well if I'm gonna be fat then I should just eat what I want."  So I had bread, dessert and hot chocolate. 

Honestly though it was so not worth it, well maybe the cheesecake. I woke up this morning with a raging bull of a headache. It feels like I have a hang over but I didn't have any alcohol so my guess is that it's a reaction to all the crap I consumed. Maybe it was the bread or the sweet, I don't know exactly. I still have the headache and nausea. Not fun. 

In most situations I don't usually allow the opinions of other people to bother me but because I'm  insecure about my weight and it has been a struggle for so long, it is my area of weakness. I'm gonna need to build a bridge right quick and get over it though. This journey is not an easy one and there will be challenges along the way. If I eat cake every time I don't see the progress I want, I'll never get anywhere. 

One day at a time. I can only move on and look ahead.

Thanks for reading.

February 1, 2015

February Goals

Hi lovelies, is it seriously already February?
Where is the time going? It just seems to be passing by so quickly.
That's part of the reason I love to make goals. It really helps me to feel like I'm making the best of life and making every moment count.

Let's look at my January goals and see how I did.

January's Goals
  • Complete Whole30  I did it! I'm so proud of myself. 
  • Go to church 2 times Managed to only go once. I've been way too lazy and don't manage my time well. Will work on this for Feb. 
  • Read 2 books   Did it!
  • Begin my Gratitude Project.  I've started and posted every week. Check out my posts y'll
  • No shopping for clothes, shoes or random crap.  Soooo J.Crew was having this really great sale and one thing led to another and you can only imagine what happened next. I only spent 45 bucks though and got a pair of black jeans and a beautiful silk blend top. That's pretty awesome though right?
  • Save money towards my trip to Jordan.  I am saving money for my trip but I'm not sure if it will be to Jordan. Bali is a strong option right now. I am going somewhere, not exactly sure where just yet. 
February's Goals
  • lose 5 pounds. I will weigh myself and begin to track my progress. I won't be obsessive but at the beginning and end of the month. 
  • No Shopping. Seriously, I'm staying away from J.Crew. 
  • Save 200 bucks for my trip
  • Follow my new Paleo meal plan for 4 weeks. i bought a new paleo book and the meal plan seems to make life easier. We shall see.
  • Read 2 books. My goal is a minimum of 12 for the year. 
  • Church 2 times. I will wake my butt up and go. 
  • Go on a couple dates. Sometimes I get asked out or someone will try to set me up and I usually say no but I'm trying to be more open-minded and less uptight so I'm going to try. I suck at dating. Practice makes perfect right? 

What are you working on for this month? 

The Gratitude Project #4

Hi lovelies,
hope you're doing great and enjoying your weekend.

This week I'm grateful for

  1. tea. just makes me feel so much better
  2. pedicures. who doesn't love to be pampered?
  3. colorful pens. I love pens! the papermate flair pens are my fave. Such a nerd I am.