April 11, 2015

I'm Over Dating

So I came across this picture on Instagram and it made me laugh out loud becasue it literally sums up my experiences with online dating and come to think of it, just dating in general.

I'll preface by saying, I haven't given up on love and I'm still a romantic at heart.

In an attempt to find my true love, once upon a long time ago I ventured into the world of online dating. I didn't last very long.
I tried both paid and free websites and the results were always the same. I would get passed over by the seemingly well put together and intelligent men, only to be contacted by the guy who spelled "cool" with a k and the guy who told me he would be honored to lick my feet in his very first message to me.

Real life dating hasn't brought me any better luck. I've been followed around the mall by creepy old men, or I meet guys who make me question my faith in humanity.
Take for instance the guy who told me between sips of his alcoholic beverage that I'm his type because I'm "chubby". Who says that? Or the guy in Thailand who after seeing me twice with hardly any kind of conversation, asked if I would spend the night with him. Then there was the French guy who wanted to add me to his list of international flings because he had never "been with a Jamaican girl". Hard pass on all occasions.
Those are the memories that my subconscious hasn't blocked out, the others are way too traumatic to remember.

I'm not even going to try anymore. And if one more person tells me I need to "go out more" or to " stop being so picky" I swear I'm going to tae bo kick them in the throat.

While it would be amazing to meet the man of my dreams like yesterday, I am not going to worry about it. I'm just going to continue to live my life and do the things I love and when the time is right, the man who God intends for me will come my way. That's about all I can do short of wearing a sign around my neck that says "single, looking for husband".

Well, there is always positive thinking.
After reading this great post about finding your soulmate, I think I need to take the writer's advice.
She suggests making a list of all the qualities you want in a partner; it should be very specific but realistic.
The power of positive thinking/energy will take care of the rest.
My pastor at church gave me the same advice. Not just for a partner but for all the things I wanted in life. I never did but I'm reconsidering.
It would certainly save me the trouble of actually dating.
Seriously, give the post a read and see what you think.

Thanks for stopping by.

April 9, 2015

Recently Acquired- Make-up Edition

Hey lovelies,
summer is just around the corner and the weather starting to get warm here in Abu Dhabi. My poor skin is about to suffer.
During the cooler months my make-up stays put and I never need to touch-up during the day but as soon as those warm days make their appearance so does the oiliness. It is the bane of my existence y'll. I hate looking greasy but since it's my lot in life so all I can do is deal with it as best as I can.

I'm always searching for products that will help to curtail the amount of shine build up.
While doing what was only supposed to be window shopping in Sephora, I came across the Dr. Feelgood skin balm from Benefit. I tried it on my hand and it immediately made my skin feel smooth. I also put it on my face which was already made up and I noticed a really nice matte look.

This product can be used under or over your make-up. If you don't feel like wearing make-up, it can be worn alone. It promises to mattify shine and smooth away lines. Yes please and thank you. It comes with a little sponge for easy application.
Of course I had to take it home with me. Hopefully it will not disappoint. I'll have to see how it stands up to the heat once summer rolls around.

I'm such a mascara junkie. I love long glorious lashes and I am on a never ending quest to achieve them without having to add lashes.
So while I was at Sephora I also picked up the new Roller Lash mascara from Benefit, which is the new big hit on the market. It promises to curl your lashes and give you that wide-eyed appearance.
So far I'm not blown away by it. I have naturally curly lashes so I don't think it has done much for me. It doesn't offer much in the volume department but does lengthen. I feel like I need to use it with another mascara. The package says it pairs well with the They're Real mascara. I'll have to experiment and see how I can make it work for me.

There is so much good stuff out there on the market and I want everything but since I don't have extra money to burn, I have to be really selective about what I purchase.
Definitely leave a suggestion or recommendation if you've found something you love. It's always good to hear what others are using.


April 8, 2015

Vietnam Files

 Hey lovelies,
I finally got around to uploading my pics from my December trip to Vietnam.
I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked but I still managed to snap a few. I really need to work on my skills and take tons more photos. 

My goal is to continue to improve as a photographer. 
Please continue to follow this journey of mine. 

I hope that from these photos you can get a little glimpse of the Vietnam I saw. 
Halong Bay

these guys were just so happy and it was amazing being witness to it

Boat tour along the Mekong Delta. 

This is home

Met these little girls who were very happy to pose for pics

trip to a ceramic company. I was able to see these ladies hand painting the beautiful ceramic pieces.

I just love the wall of this house. 

April 7, 2015

On My Radar

Hey lovelies,
I swear I need to stay off the internet. I'm always finding something or the other to fall in love with.

My addiction to watching YouTube videos has nurtured a slight obsession with contouring. You know that Kim Kardashian look with the high cheekbones and contoured jawline, yeah so apparently I think I can create something like that. This contour kit and contouring pencil are going to be my secret weapons or so I've convinced myself. Delusional much?
Anastasia of Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Clinique Chubby Stick for contouring

A great pair of jeans is always a welcome addition to any closet. I think these would be so cute with flats or heels depending on the occasion. 

Lookout high-rise crop jeans from J. Crew
Flats are my jam right now. I am over my feet hurting and being uncomfortable in heels, so these flats are perfect for my life.
Newbark slides from J.Crew

Zara flats

What are you craving these days?


April 5, 2015

That Time Sanjay Came to Visit

Hey lovelies,
I've been gone awhile but for a very good reason. One of my absolute favorite people on earth came to visit me in the sandbox. I was busy entertain him and making sure that his visit was memorable.

Words can't even articulate just how exciting it was having my friend Sanjay come for a visit. I hadn't seen him in ages and I was super happy that he chose to spend his vacation with me.
We spent our time reminiscing, laughing, eating way too much and of course creating new memories.
Since he was only here for a short time so we had to make every minute count. We had such a blast but it made me realize I'm getting old. I'm still recovering and we didn't even go partying.
Sadly, he is gone now. All good things must come to an end (insert sad face).

Here are just a few of the special monuments we shared.

Weekend Shenanigans

Hey lovelies,
Happy weekend!

Just got back today from my mini trip to Dubai. It was absolutely marvelous darlings. The day before we left there was a huge sandstorm, we were worried that it would ruin our weekend but thankfully the weather cleared up and was perfect. The stars aligned in our favor to ensure that we had a beautiful weekend.

this was my drive home. worst sandstorm I've witnessed. 

We enjoyed our time away from home. We enjoyed two glorious beach days and ate some amazing food. Side note, I need to get back on my fitness and clean eating regimen. I fell off the horse big time.

We discovered a restaurant at the Dubai Malled called Social House. Somehow I'd managed to walk by this place on numerous occasions without ever giving it even a cursory glance but I am so happy that I noticed it this time around. The menu is extensive with a mix of East meets West; from sushi to waffles. I was hard-pressed to pick something becasue everything looked amazing. I had Belgian Waffles with Truffle Eggs while Jen had sushi. We were both very pleased with our choices.
Guys if you are ever in the Dubai Mall please check this place out. The service is also excellent.

Can I admit something to you? I've suspected this for a while but things were confirmed over the weekend.
I HATE staying out late, at least my body does.
By 9, I swear my body goes into "bedtime" mode. WTH? I'm only thirty-two. What's gonna happen when I'm fifty?

Both of us hadn't been out in a while so we decided to go out and paint the town red. The Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa was the perfect option for us becasue it was super close to our hotel and had a million dining options plus nightclubs for some after dinner fun.

We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Loca. The food was really yummy and so were the Margueritas. During dinner which was about 8:45, I began yawning. Of course Jen began yawning too. We were so ready for bed but who goes to Dubai and goes to bed at 10? We literally had to make a deal that we would stay out till at least 1 a.m. Guys, the struggle was so real. You should have seen us!

We somehow managed to stay awake during dinner and spent the time chatting. Before a Cuban bar called Malecon for some dancing. I'd been there a couple times before and I really like it becasue it isn't as meat-marketish as many of the clubs/bars in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. You can go with your friends and just have a good time. The music is great and you can dance to your heart's content. I suppose it's becasue the crowd is a little bit more mature.
We stayed out until 1:30 y'll. I'm petty darn proud of us.

Sharing a few of our beach pics. Using my awesome selfie stick gifted to me for my b-day by the lovely lady Jen.

Have a lovely weekend.

April 2, 2015

Just a Quickie

Hello lovelies,
It's the mother-fudging weekend y'll! I've been trudging through this week and I'm beyond thrilled that it's finally over and I can relax.
Top that off with a week of freedom for work and I 'm pretty much peeing my pants with excitement. Not literally, of course. Thought I should point that out since some of you don't know me that well and you might think that I actually pee ma pants when I'm excited.


I decided not to travel this Spring Break. Sometimes a staycation is just as good. Instead my friend and I booked 2 nights at a 5 star hotel in Dubai and we will be going to the beach and relaxing by the pool.

We have no agenda and are pretty much just gonna go whichever way the wind blows. Oh sweet FREEDOM! Dubai here we come.

Chat you up soon.