Life Update and March Goals

Hey lovelies,
Happy Sunday. The weather is beautiful today, I wish I had somewhere fun to be. Sadly, I got nothing. Oh well. It seems as though Spring is on the way and I'm getting excited for it to be here already. I'm so over the cold.
As it starts to warm up a bit more, I plan on taking full advantage of the weather and finding fun things to do rather than staying cooped up inside.

Sooo... Life lately.
I'm still doing the online dating thing. At least trying to do it. I can't say I'm even successfully doing it. I've gone on one more date since my last post which was over a month ago.
I've gotten lots of messages but I'm really being selective about who I respond to. I don't want to go on dates just for the sake of going on a date. Maybe I'm being overly selective, I'm not sure but you have to be so careful about people these days.

Online dating is such a tricky thing y'll. It's purely visual and I'm trying to not make decisions based only on looks but let's be real, that's basically what it boils down to. Does the person appeal to you visually in some way? On what basis do you choose one person to respond to over another? Yes I read profiles too but you can write anything on those things, Catfish anyone??? The struggle is really real.
I have a little over 2 months left and then I think I might retire from the online dating world. We will see.

Life otherwise is good. I'm thinking about buying a car. The process and planning seems to be terribly hard. Maybe I'm making it harder than it needs to be by over thinking. I have the tendency to do that. I should just make a decision and move forward in faith that everything will fall into place.

I'm trying to get back to goal setting each month and eventually back to doing it weekly.

March Goals
  1. Gym- I've finally finally joined the gym. I went twice last week and was so sore I could hardly walk but I felt really good . I want to make it a regular part of my life once more, the goal is 3x weekly.
  2. Birthday getaway- I am very lucky that my birthday falls on good Friday and there's no school. I want to do a little weekend getaway with my mom whose birthday is two days before mine. I have to plan it and get it set in motion. 
  3. Eat clean- January was great becasue I did a whole30 but in February with a week of vacation I fell off really hard so I'm making this a priority for March.
  4. Get Certified- I have one more exam and some other thing to do in order to get my teacher certification up to date. 
  5. Car- By the end of the month I need to have a definitive plan of action.
Besos, until next time