May Goals

Hey lovelies,
I was just looking back at my March goals and realized a couple things,
one. I didn't do as well with my goals and it's really because I didn't refer back to them.You know that saying "out of sight, out of mind"? That totally applies to the situation.
two. I'm way behind on my goals for the year,  which means I have to get cracking and make sure that I am holding myself accountable every step of the way.

This explains why I've been feeling so aimless these past few weeks. I've realized that when i'm actively pursuing my goals, I feel more fulfilled. Why I allow myself to slack off is incomprehensible.
That being said, rather than bemoan the past I will move on and focus my energy on improving.

May Goals
  1. Submit final requirement for certification by May 12. I've been procrastinating but I really need to get on it as the deadline is quickly approaching.
  2. Complete Whole30. I am eight days in and this time I have a buddy. We are holding each other accountable so that we can be successful.
  3. Read 3 books. I have finished one so far. Dry by Augusten Burroughs. I definitely recommend it. 
  4. Gym minimum 3 x weekly. Oh this is the hardest for me. I have been slacking big time and I really want to get back in a routine of going right after work. I just do not love the gym and I tend to put other things ahead of going. 
  5. Social Media Fast for the rest of the month. Every now and again I like to go on these. I completely log off from social media and focus my energy and time on my spiritual growth. 
My commitment is to write this in a place where I can see them and schedule a weekly reflection time to see how I'm progressing.

What are your goals for this month? What strategies do you use to ensure that you are successful?