Life Lately

Hi lovelies,
I hope that where ever you are, the weather is as beautiful there as it is in NY. It is just perfect for all manner of outdoor shenanigans.

In an effort to milk every bit of summer as I possibly can, I've been going out and doing stuff.

Mom and I have always wanted to go Whale watching and finally got a chance to go. We found a great deal on Groupon that had a tour leaving out of Queens and jumped on it. The company we went with is called American Princess Cruises and it was a great experience. I would highly recommend them if you're in the NY area.
It's funny how grown folks act like kids when ginormous sea creatures are around. I swear the adults on the trip were more excited than the kids once the whales were spotted.

I also went to the Curlfest ( celebration of natural hair) event in Brooklyn last weekend and had a great time hanging with my friend. It was beautiful seeing all the girls with their lush afros, dreadlocks, tapered cuts and other fabulous hairstyles. I was having all types of hair envy.

Ran into a girl I stalk on Instagram (am I the only one who stalks complete strangers on Social Media?) She just seems so dope and she has some of the coolest travel photos. If you're looking for inspo, run over and check her out.
My long lost friend Jeffrey

Oh I finally got tickets to the Wendy Williams Show. It wasn't one of the episodes with a celebrity (boo) but it was still fun.

Ready for whatever else summer has to offer.