Things Recently Acquired

Hey lovelies,
Only eight more days until Costa Rica. Yessss!!!

As I prepare for my trip there are a few essentials I've added to my list of things to pack. I'm really trying to be smart and not bring too much, which I have the tendency to do sometimes.
The good thing is that none of these things will make my goal challenging. In fact they will fit superbly in my carry-on.

This tripod. 
Way to make photography and selfies easier. It's flexible and can wrap around basically anything and comes with a remote timer.

This action camera.
I love that it's waterproof and small. I plan on going snorkeling and it will be great for capturing all the underwater action. I'm feeling less inclined to bring my DSLR camera and this seems like a great alternative. The reviews were pretty good so hopefully it won't disappoint.

I've always loved the off the shoulder look. I'm beyond thrilled that it is back in full force. This cute little number is from Asos. I haven't settled on this dress but there are many great options on Asos and hopefully I'll find something that catches my eye.
Feel free to send me links if you've found some awesome off the shoulder dresses or tops. I'm on the prowl.