Weekend Shenanigans

Hi lovelies,
This past Saturday I was finally able to attend the Essence Block Party in DUMBO. I've wanted to go for ages but I never know when anything is happening. Luckily my friend who knows when all the fun things happen is in town and invited me to go with her.
It was a beautiful day but hot as the devil's backside. Despite the heat we had a good time and it was great running into some of my favorite bloggers and YouTubers.

My face before the heat melted all my make-up

Finally got an a chance to wear this cute little Asos off the shoulder frock before the summer goes away. 

Youtuber and Taren Guy
Blogger,Writer and YouTuber Franchesca Leigh

YouTuber MariaAntoinette and Blogger Rock Yo Rizos
Yummy Tacos 

Later in the evening I went to Korea Town to meet up with two lovely ladies I worked with a million years ago when I worked retail. We hadn't seen each other in years and it was amazing seeing them especially since one is preggers and the other just got married a few months ago.

Chocolate and Vanilla back together again!

Love these ladies!!! 

After dinner we went to a great Korean desert spot called Grace Street and I ran into a super sweet blogger who I always check out for awesome natural hair tips.

Waffles with Green tea ice-cream and Oreos. Yessssssss

French Toast with Vanila ice-cream and Maple Syrup. So good 

Ijeoma over at Klassykinks.com
I had such a great time with my friends and I'm so happy that I was able to make time for fun becasue this upcoming work week is going to be hectic!

Chat you up soon,